The Walking Dead’s Negan honored in new track from Bonecage

"Like A Dude Named Negan" by Bonecage on YouTube featuring The Walking Dead
"Like A Dude Named Negan" by Bonecage on YouTube featuring The Walking Dead /

Negan, the villain from season 6 and 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, is honored along with Lucille in a new song and video from Bonecage on YouTube.

Have you ever looked at The Walking Dead’s Negan and wished that he had his own theme song? If you have, you’re in luck, because our friends at Bonecage gave Undead Walking an exclusive long at his new track titled

You might remember Bonecage from the fantastic video based on Rick Grimes set to the music from the fantastic song “Whip It!” from Devo. The YouTube video for “Rick It!” spread like wildfire among fans of the hit AMC zombie survival drama, and the next big track could be “Like a Dude Named Negan”.

Of course, there is one big difference between “Rick It” and “Like a Dude Named Negan”: the language. Anything that involved Negan is bound to have some words dropped that might not be suitable for all audiences, so here is the disclaimer for that:


Now that the swearing situation is cleared up, here is the video of “Like a Dude Named Negan” as hosted on the official YouTube account of Bonecage:

With season 7 of The Walking Dead just around the corner for fans of the undead, there is no better time to get your groove on thanks to a song about the guy who is going to kill a character you love.

Even though you know he’s not friendly, there is something really charming and fun about Negan. Fans of the comic book series have enjoyed a much longer look at the character and a vast majority of those readers developed a strange affinity for the vulgar, loudmouthed character.

Here are some things that are HIGHLY recommended that you do if you enjoyed “Like a Dude Named Negan”or “Rick It!” by Bonecage:

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Fans of the hit zombie survival drama can see more of Negan and the rest of the characters from The Walking Dead when season 7 premieres on October 23, 2016. But until then, it’s time to learn the words to “Like a Dude Named Negan” from Bonecage and pump it through your speakers!