Comic recap: The Walking Dead 159 The Whisperer War Part 3

Walkers - The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Walkers - The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Did you miss issue 159 of The Walking Dead comic book series titled ‘The Whisperer War part 3 of 6’? Get all caught up on what happened right here!

The Whisperers are making their big attack on the surrounding communities and the body count is already piling up around the world of The Walking Dead. Following the new comic issue on October 5, 2016, the war is now half over, but there is still plenty of blood left to be shed.

Titled “The Whisperer War Part 3 of 6” issue 159 picked right up where the events in the previous installment left off. So, if you’re not caught up, be sure to read the PREVIOUS MONTH’S COMIC RECAP before checking this one out.


Beta and Negan are still doing battle as issue 159 begins. They trade some blows and bloody each other before Dwight calls out to Negan. Lucille is then seen flying through the air, landing softly in the hands of the former leader of The Saviors.

This ignites Negan, and he attacks Beta with a fury. Meanwhile, Dwight, Michonne, and Jesus are all fighting off walkers as best they can. Dwight survives a close call with a zombie that took him to the ground, but there is also a situation with Jesus where it is hard to tell if he was bitten or not during the fight.

Back to Negan and Beta, and the leather jacket of Negan is serving as a light armor against Beta’s knives. He sidesteps a thrust from Beta, cracking him in the back with Lucille multiple times.

Jesus - The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertaiment
Jesus – The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertaiment /

Suddenly, the bat splits and Lucille comes bursting apart. The iconic weapon that Negan held so dear is destroyed and this sets him into a fury of emotion. The walkers surround him and he battles with them as members of The Whisperers drag Beta to safety.

Finally, it looks like Dwight’s group has fought off the attackers. They stand victorious over a massive pile of bodies before noticing another huge group making their way through the woods to their position.

The Whisperers have brought Beta to safety, but he is beaten up badly. One member of the group wants to see what the massive man looks like under the walker mask, but catches a blade through his head for his efforts with Beta saying that nobody sees his face.

Dwight makes the call to divide and conquer the massive group of walkers. He assigns Jesus, Michonne, and Magna as the leaders of these groups and sends them in different directions.

Lydia and Carl - The Walking Dead 159, Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics
Lydia and Carl – The Walking Dead 159, Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics /

Back at The Hilltop, Carl is talking with Lydia. Lydia is explaining to him that The Whisperers are much more than creepy people with knives. She talks about their motivations and what she saw while she was there with her mom and that caring and emotions are major weaknesses the group can feast on.

Eventually, she tells Carl that he’s nice and she appreciates the time she spent with him, but what they have isn’t love. She says they can spend time together, but not to make the relationship more than it really is. Carl is confused by this, thinking she is just trying to make him have fewer things to care about during the war.

Eugene continues with the bullet production, showing the people working inside the factory more efficient ways to load magazines and Aaron is out of bed itching to help out the group wherever he can.

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Rick is hard at work planning strategies for war in case Dwight’s group has to fall back to the community walls. Andrea tries to get him to get something to eat or take a break, but Andrea reassures him that they have their best men on the job.

Tara is getting ready to ride out to find Vincent, who was having a long, long walk back from The Kingdom. She says they are worried that the community is turning Rick against them, but John says that is exactly what they want.

Dante asks Brianna if he has seen Maggie, to which she responds by saying that Dante should stop messing around and just tell Maggie what he needs to say. Meanwhile, Sophia is watching Carl before she gets called to dinner.

At The Kingdom, Zachary is sitting down to dinner. His chair gets tipped backwards and a knife goes to his throat. It is revealed to be William, who tells him to NEVER threaten him again or question his decisions. Zachary agrees while trembling in fear and William leaves.

The Whisperers notice that the group is getting divided and try to pull them back together. Once a member of the group strays a bit from the group, an arrow flies into his head. The group moves past, and Dwight pulls him into the woods, removes his mask, and puts it on his own face.

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“The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6” will be released on November 2, 2016 and is issue 160 in The Walking Dead series. It should pick up right where this issue left off, but there is a ton to resolve as the story continues to unravel in the zombie apocalypse.