The Walking Dead marathons lead into the season 7 premiere

Guts. Season 1. The Walking Dead. AMC
Guts. Season 1. The Walking Dead. AMC /

AMC will air marathons of every season of The Walking Dead to prepare us for Negan and the start of season 7 of the show on October 23rd.

It’s October. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word October? If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, it’s not Halloween or horror movies or pumpkins or fall leaves. It’s the return of The Walking Dead. 

Now that the premiere of season 7 is getting closer, one of the questions I’ve been getting most frequently on our social media accounts is about marathons leading into the return. Now I can answer that question.

Yes! There will be marathons. Beginning the day of the retrospective 2-hour special, The Journey So Far, AMC will air The Walking Dead marathons every evening and all day on the weekends until the premiere.

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The Sunday of the special, October 16th, we start with season 1 and then the seasons continue each evening during that week and all day on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23 leading into the premiere of season 7.

The special will be replayed during the week in case you miss it on Sunday night. Talking Dead will be a supersized 90 minutes following the premiere and will include all the actors from the line-up, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well as Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman and be filmed life from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Check the AMC website for the full schedule and exact times for episodes so you know which season and episodes are playing each night.

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So we get to go back to the beginning with the marathons and with the special before we go back to that place in the field with Negan and group where we left off in the spring when we thought October would never get here.

Undead Walking will have full season 7 coverage. We never go on break.