Special code for 25% off The Walking Dead tee shirts in time for premiere

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Breaking T is offering readers of Undead Walking a special promotion code to receive 25% off of their 2 The Walking Dead designs just in time for season 7.

The special sale for Undead Walking readers runs from Friday, October 14 through Sunday, October 16 on the 2 designs created to celebrate The Walking Dead. Breaking T plans to add more designs for us during season 7.

The 2 shirts they are putting on sale for you now are in stock are available to ship right away so they can be worn for your season 7 premiere parties!

I ordered both of these shirts when they were on sale last season and I wear them all the time. They are really soft and the fit is very good. I wear a big size and often bigger sizes have very large sleeves and don’t fit well through the shoulders. These fit great. I wear them all the time. They are not stiff like many graphic t-shirts.

Alexandria is for Lovers

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Eugene sported a classic 70s Virginia is for lovers t-shirt during one episode of The Walking Dead. We had many couples in Alexandria throughout seasons 5 and 6: Deanna and Reg, Rick and Michonne, Abraham and Sasha, Denise and Tara, Eric and Aaron, even Carol and Tobin.  And we still have Maggie and Glenn. This t-shirt has modified the slogan for the walled city.

Saviors Baseball Team

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The Saviors aren’t really a baseball team, but considering what we know about Negan and Lucille, The Walking Dead fans will understand this shirt right off bat. Red and black is the perfect color combination to match Negan’s jacket and bandana.

Next: Order your shirt during the marathon!

Here is the link to order from Breaking T. The special promo code for Undead Walking readers is NEGANISCOMING. Just use that code for 25% off. The sale runs from Friday, October 14-Sunday, October 16th to give Breaking T the time to get your shirt to you before the October 23rd premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead.

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