Examining TWD Season Premieres: Looking ahead to Season 7

The Walking Dead key art for season 7 - The Walking Dead, AMC
The Walking Dead key art for season 7 - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The beginning of a season or a series is a special time and a special episode. The Walking Dead premieres have many things in common.

Season premieres of The Walking Dead have quite a few things in common. They all have memorable characters and memorable quotes. Walkers feature prominently in the stories. The episode has a terrific opening scene. And the season premiere gives fans the feeling that they are in for something special during the season that is to come after that first episode.

With the season 7 premiere coming up quickly I went back and looked at all the previous season premieres looking at those qualities.

The Walking Dead, Episode 701, The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be…

Looking ahead to the premiere of season 7 we can expect to have those same qualities included. Season 7 will have a completely different tone from the past seasons in that we will be excited to have our show back on the air and to see our characters, but we know ahead of time that we are losing at least one family member.

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We know that the new characters are going to change the direction of the show. We can expect some amazing dialogue. We have already seen some quotes and lines from the premiere from just the trailers. “I’m going to kill you.” 

A spectacular opening scene can be expected from Greg Nicotero. Spectacular and devastating. It should be quite intense and rival the openings from season 1 and 5. Something I noticed from my examination of the season premieres was that in my eyes the most stunning premiere, aside from the pilot, was season 5.

All of the other season premieres began after finales that left us either homeless and ready to start a new adventure or trying to save our home of Alexandria and work together with new people. Season 5 was the only one that began after a true cliffhanger. We were left in the train car at Terminus.

Stephen Vining. Blister Walker. Season 7. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Stephen Vining. Blister Walker. Season 7. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

So even though people were upset by the cliffhanger, perhaps it really will make for a stunning season opener.

While Negan and the Saviors seem to be the main focus of the show now, hopefully the walkers that Greg Nicotero has in store for us will figure in and remind us that the reason we are in this predicament in the first place is because of the zoms! Negan used them creatively in his red rover line. We shall see how the walkers come into play in the premiere.

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Hopefully, the premiere will have fans wanting more and leave us with the expectations of a fantastic season 7. The show has already been renewed for season 8. The pressure is on this premiere to get us to want at least 2 more years of the show.