Who is Simon and why should The Walking Dead fans care?

Steven Ogg - The Walking Dead, AMC
Steven Ogg - The Walking Dead, AMC /

A face familiar to fans of The Walking Dead will be given the name Simon and the role he plays within Negan’s group The Saviors will be revealed.

So far, there have only been a handful of members from Negan‘s group The Saviors who have made themselves known to fans of The Walking Dead. With the exception of Negan himself (and Lucille), Dwight is the only other living member of the group who has been given a name that had a big impact on the group.

Thankfully, that is going to change early during season 7. A nameless character played by Steven Ogg has been playing some mind games with Rick Grimes and the group, but now he will have an actual character name.

Here is the post from The Walking Dead‘s official Facebook page giving the character a name and sharing one of his most notable quotes from season 6 of the program:

Yes, Simon is considered a villain, but he has already accumulated a cult following of fans based on his short appearances on The Walking Dead.

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Ogg has one of the most recognizable faces on television, and many people remember him from his commercials for Old Spice, the movie He Never Died or the television show Westworld. However, it was his voice acting on the hit video game series Grand Theft Auto 5, where he voiced Trevor Philips.

Simon will be a major player for The Saviors, since Negan considers him to be his ‘right hand man’. What this means his role will be relation to the survivors on the show during season 7 has yet to be determined, but having someone with his recognizability and unique talents should help bring The Saviors a unique feel in upcoming episodes.

Don’t miss Steven Ogg as Simon, as well as the rest of the great cast, when The Walking Dead airs its season 7 premiere on October 23, 2016. The Saviors are bound to make a bloody splash, and considering the situation right now, Negan’s group might just crush it.