The biggest Talking Dead ever for The Walking Dead season 7 premiere

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The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead needed 90 minutes of Talking Dead to process the devastation from Negan’s game of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe.

Talking Dead took the show out of the studio loft and headed to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for about two thousand fans and 11 cast members, 2 producers, 1 superfan, Yvette Nicole Brown, and 1 cousin Oliver host, Chris Hardwick.

Chris Hardwick checked in with Yvette Nicole Brown and the teacher superfan from last year who were appropriately sullen. Chris Hardwick braved the rain and the guests used umbrellas when they could.

Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus joined the stage first. Andrew Lincoln said the new guy “gets to him”. Andrew talked about the losses of the actors. He mentioned that they were both so funny and how Steven was his “brother”. He mentioned Michael’s amazing ability with facial hair and humor.

Lauren talked about the line, “I’ll find you.” She thinks that Glenn and Maggie are connected in ways that time and space don’t affect. That Glenn would always be watching over her and taking care of the baby and things like that.

Chris asked Danai about the relief of finally not having to keep the secret. She said that understandably people were wanting to know and they all had to be very careful because people read into everything she would say or even where she might be.

Norman thanked the fans and talked about the closeness of the cast and the family feel with the fans before they went to the commercial to be joined by Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman when they returned.

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Chandler Riggs couldn’t be there. But they discussed how Carl was so heartbreaking knowing that he said just do it dad and how that led Rick to realize that he had to let himself break and submit to Negan.

Norman Reedus’ son Mingus sent a text to Norman that he read out loud:  Not cool man, not cool craziest television I’ve ever seen. Tell Jeffrey he’s an asshole.

Steven Yeun joined the stage. Steven said when you read the comic you don’t want the death to go to anyone else. He felt it was brave to do it the way they did it on the show to reflect the comic on the screen.

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They did a beautiful montage of video clips of Glenn for the In Memoriam while he was on stage that had him tear up and the cast gave him a standing ovation. Robert Kirkman talked about the time he saw “Glenn” and “Rick” meet for the first time. He said it was an emotional moment for him and he’s not an emotional person.

Michael Cudlitz joined the cast on stage. He brought out a flask. He still had his Abraham mustache. He said he knew he had gone beyond where he had been in the comics. Michael appropriately blushed discussing his last words and Michael’s play on words with his last words.

They also had a lovely montage for Michael and he was visibly affected by his look back at Abraham’s time on the show. Abraham’s montage was very well done. It had emotional moments and hilarious moments.

Ross Marquand, Josh McDermitt, Sonequa Martin-Green and Christian Serratos filled in most of the remaining seats on the stage.

Josh talked about missing Michael, but how they still talk. He joked about how Michael has been acting for a long time and it still seems like it’s his first job. He gets very excited about things. Christian talked about how great it was to come in as a trio and how they relied on each other for support.

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Ross talked about the devastation and grotesqueness of the effects for Steven and Michael and how it made you sad and even face your own mortality. They had a behind the scenes clip of the make up with Abraham and Steven.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan jogged out on stage with a huge smile on his face and hugged everyone.  It’s amazing how you can hate Negan and love Jeffrey Dean. He said that Glenn would still be alive if it weren’t for Daryl.

We had an In Memoriam for the walkers and a sneak peek of next week’s episode that Scott Gimple said was directed by Greg Nicotero and will actually be funny after this week’s episode and will introduce The Kingdom, Ezekiel and Shiva.

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Chris Hardwick thanked the cast and Yvette Nicole Brown. He had lovely parting words for MIchael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun, and he seemed very grateful to the fans and the show for just being a part of the experience of The Walking Dead. I can completely relate!