The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 synopsis: ‘The Well’

The Kingdom. The Walking Dead. AMC.
The Kingdom. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

What should fans expect from season 7 episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead titled ‘The Well’ which airs on Sunday, October 30, 2016?

Now that the horror of The Saviors and Negan during the The Walking Dead‘s season 7 premiere is over, the focus will shift back to survival while trying to keep the community and the survivors together.

For episode 702, that means that there will need to be a lot of regrouping, explaining, and recovery time. Sunday’s episode is titled “The Well” and based on the preview for it, there will be some new faces for fans to meet.

However, to get a good grasp of what might be ahead for the survivors on AMC’s apocalyptic zombie drama, let’s look at the official synopsis for “The Well” which is The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2:

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"“For a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.”"

Of course, this has to be a nod to The Kingdom. AMC has been teasing the introduction of King Ezekiel and Shiva since the Comic Con teaser trailer, but it appears as though that wait is now over for fans.

There may be more to the episode though, since the interactions Carol and Morgan had with the men on horses means they are likely going to be visiting Ezekiel’s home very soon.

The creepy part of the synopsis involves the idea of something seeming ‘too good to be true’. This is reminiscent of when the group found Terminus, and we all know how that turned out.

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Be sure to tune in to The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 30, 2016 to watch episode 2 of season 7. “The Well” should go a long way to establish the new group and move the story of some existing characters forward, and an episode like that will feel great after the heartbreak of the season premiere last week.