The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun shares embarassing story on Conan

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Steven Yeun joined Conan O’Brien on his show the other night and had a great story to tell about being recognized in the early days of The Walking Dead.

Some of Steven Yeun’s cast mates have described him as very funny and I think they are correct. Steven was a guest on Conan on TBS and shared some very entertaining stories.

One funny story traced back to his early days on The Walking Dead. Conan was asking about how much the level and intensity of recognition must have increased over the years with the popularity of the show.

Steven said that he’s learned to navigate it now, but that early on it was different. He brought up what he called the worst thing that ever happened to him related to people recognizing him in public, introducing the story as “the colonoscopy incident”, which Conan remarked was the most chilling sentence he’s heard in a long time.

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The doctor was making conversation with him before the procedure and Steven told him that he was an actor on The Walking Dead. The doctor had heard of the show, but had never seen it. Then as the procedure was getting underway and the tech was in the room behind Steven and the doctor could tell Steven was getting a little nervous, the doctor asked Steven what show he worked on again.

When Steven said The Walking Dead, the tech got very excited and had to look to see who it was on the table. Of course, there is more to the story that goes with the recognition that makes the story even funnier when Steven tells it.

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Of course, the customary colonoscopy joke of that guy knowing him better than anyone ended the segment that Conan called a truly horrifying story. But Steven didn’t seem too traumatized by it. He has a great go-to most embarrassing story about getting recognized in public.