The Walking Dead’s Peter Zimmerman took over our Twitter

Peter Zimmerman. Eduardo. Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Peter Zimmerman. Eduardo. Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

In our third Twitter Takeover, Peter Zimmerman, Hilltop guard Eduardo on The Walking Dead, joined us to chat and answer questions from our followers.

The Undead Twitter Takeovers that we started last weekend have been a huge hit with our readers and Twitter followers. The response from cast members volunteering to chat and answer questions has been amazing.

Hilltop Colony is dominating so far. We also have some Walkers and Saviors lined up for later in the season, but we started with Ethan (Justin Kucsulain) and Andy (Jeremy Palko) of Hilltop last Sunday and tonight we had Eduardo (Peter Zimmerman). Next week we have Kal (James Chen) and Xander Berkeley, Gregory said he’s game so we need to get him on the schedule!

There were lots of questions about what Peter liked most about The Walking Dead cast and acting. Peter chatted at a rapid pace and even answered questions after the chat ended that he didn’t have a chance to get to during the allotted time.

Our buddy Oscar Rodriguez shared his drawing of Peter’s comic character, Eduardo, with a touch of Peter mixed in there.

Peter said that the cast is really welcoming and very funny. He’s happy that he’s making his family proud and can be an actor for a living.

He couldn’t answer many questions about future episodes, but he was able to confirm that he didn’t die last week in the Hilltop centered episode so that was a good thing!  Rick Grimes is his favorite character on The Walking Dead with Maggie as a close second. Lauren Cohan has given him the most advice on set.

He hasn’t been a direct witness to any pranks but he thinks he may have overheard the “glitter prank” on the walkie!

Like many actors who get cast in the show, Peter hadn’t watched it yet when he got the role, but knew it was a number 1 show for a reason. Of course, he’s binge-watched all of the seasons since then and loves it. He was also really happy to find out that his character was from the comics.

Peter is quite the handsome man and that did not go unnoticed. There were some fun tweets about his looks and some questions about his workout routine. He took them all graciously and with a heavy dose of humor.

There were also some great questions about other things like TV shows and movies and music:

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Give Peter a follow on Twitter for more great pictures and Tweets. Thank you so much, Peter, for a fun chat with our followers. We’re looking forward to seeing Eduardo again when we return to Hilltop Colony next on The Walking Dead. Stay alive to help us fight Negan and The Saviors! #TeamEduardo