Fear The Walking Dead season 2: A look into the anger of Chris

Chris Manawa - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Chris Manawa - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Chris finally found a way release anger, but Travis doesn’t approve during this look at the commentary from Fear The Walking Dead season 2 DVD/Blu Ray set.

Following the storyline of Chris Manawa was tough during the second season of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. His evolution as a survivor took many twists and turns before his eventual demise late in the season.

One pivotal moment for Chris came when the group on the yacht decided to check out a secluded station where there appeared to be signs of life. This is where Chris learned he took comfort in killing the undead monsters in the world.

The commentary from this part of the DVD set is quite interesting. Here is the clip from the special features of Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season as shared on the official Anchor Bay YouTube account:

The commentary by executive producer Dave Erickson and Kim Dickens during this clip helps to explain the transition that Chris made in his mind while killing the walkers near the fence at the station.

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Erickson gave a bit of the history of Chris during this scene. He discussed how he moved around after the divorce and found a new school to attend. He never embraced the change, clinging to his old life and not wanting to let go.

The anger inside the young man finally got to be released when bringing down the undead. Because of this, he found relief in his actions and that is what scared his father Travis in a way he hasn’t really been afraid before.

Minor things like the look on Chris’ face and the splatter of blood on the metal fence pole helped to make the scene feel even more powerful and starting an even stronger path of defiance to build a wedge in the Manawa family.

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Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 13, 2016. If you enjoyed this sample of the commentary, you’ll love all the extras that are packed into the fantastic set that also made a great holiday gift idea for fans of AMC’s zombie survival dramas. You can preorder your copy now on Amazon.