Negan changes his appearance in the midseason finale

Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC /

When the comic villain Negan arrived on the scene in The Walking Dead, he brought changes for our characters, but in the finale, there may be a big change for him.

Spoiler alert: Pictures of the change included below.

Negan has his own signature look in the comics by Robert Kirkman. His signature look, his signature weapon,  and his signature way of speaking. He brought both of those things with him to the show in the way that most things are brought to the show, with some minor adjustments and tweeks.

Comic Cons and Halloween parties were filled with Negans of all kinds of Negans this year, It’s a pretty simple and straightforward look to pull off, yet there’s no mistaking it. Even if the cosplayer is not holding Lucille, we still recognize Negan without his bat.

One part of Negan’s look has not been quite accurate according to the comics and that has not gone unnoticed. Comic fans were aware of it immediately. Negan, himself, has made a few comments on-screen referencing it. But now we’re used to this Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan, so will it be weird if we see a change? Spoiler alert:  We’re about to find out!

Negan. Carl. Olivia. Judith. The Walking Dead. AMC

Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC.

When Rick and our gang arrived in Alexandria, they made use of the showers and were excited to brush their teeth and have beds and luxuries. Rick shaved his beard and was almost unrecognizable.

When Negan brought Carl back to Alexandria, he was quite enamored with the faucets and the luxuries of the Grimes home in Alexandria. He made himself at home on the front porch and took off his black leather jacket and his red bandana.

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It looks as though he decides to make himself even more at home and shave his beard for the midseason finale.

So, Negan and not-so-Negan fans, what to you think of the clean-cut leader of the Saviors? I don’t think it will make him act any more civilized.