FTWD: Passage hits a cliffhanger for midseason finale [Video]

Passage. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Passage. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Watch all 8 parts of the Fear the Walking Dead mini-series Passage as it hits its stride and hits a cliffhanger right at midseason finale time.

You may or may not be aware of the new mini-series Passage that accompanies Fear the Walking Dead this season that is being shown in short, minute-long segments during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead episodes.

It’s also available to watch online as webisodes. Last season we had a similar concept with Flight 462, which intersected with Fear the Walking Dead as the crashed plane survivors met up with our group as they were cruising south toward San Diego and ultimately Mexico.

I had the same issues with Flight 462 as I did with Passage in that I didn’t really watch them or follow them until midseason when there were 8 of them to watch in a row online. For me, I just can’t shift gears and try to follow the snippets while I’m watching The Walking Dead. 

But going into the midseason finale, we now have 8 episodes of Passage and it’s starting to make a little bit of sense and grab me a bit. Take a look:

So we have two women who don’t know each other, Gabi and Sierra, who are traveling south. Gabi had been waiting for Colton, her boyfriend to come back from checking out the tunnel to Mexico because he was border patrol and thought he might know a way to get to Mexico safely.

Gabi had a twisted ankle and was making her way south on her own having lost her sister in to the dead. Sierra is good with handling herself with the infected. She tried to help Gabi learn. But before Gabi finished her first lesson, Colton took out the dead one.

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The three of them were supposed to head down the tunnel, but after Gabi made it down, Colton turned to Sierra and told her he couldn’t let her come with them. His weak excuse was that she might tell others about the tunnel. He tried to shoot her, but she stabbed him in the leg and made it down the ladder.

Now Gabi has to figure out whom to trust. And Sierra just stepped into a wire.

Stay tuned in February as Passage continues.