A Walking Dead Christmas Carol: 3 Ghosts might get her to fight

Ezekiel and Carol. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Ezekiel and Carol. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Carol is not Ebenezer Scrooge, but she does need a little push to join the fight against Negan and the Saviors. Maybe we need A Walking Dead Christmas Carol.

Carol has been having a hard time dealing with the things she’s had to do because she loves too much. Maybe that’s how Ebenezer Scrooge became a scrooge in the first place, who knows? He had a tough childhood and tried to fix things by becoming wealthy and things went awry at some point from the pieces we get during the ghost of Christmas past parts of the story.

Ebenezer eventually completely isolates himself and tells himself he wants it that way. Carol is doing the same thing. Carol hasn’t reached a point where people don’t like her, although I don’t think people support or appreciate her the way they should, but circumstances of the apocalypse have prevented people from looking for her.

Ebenezer had one nephew who did keep reaching out to him even thought Ebenezer kept pushing him away. Carol has Morgan. Carol keeps telling him he just doesn’t get it and he tells her he’ll start listening to her soon. He keeps checking on her while still giving her space.

Carol doesn’t know about the situation in Alexandria, but Richard is trying to tell her about the Saviors and the need to fight. Carol is still holding tight to her desire to retire from the apocalypse. She put in her time and now she should be able to withdraw from killing duty.

At Christmas time, it’s fun to think that maybe if Carol were visited by 3 ghosts, she could wake up with the excitement of Ebenezer Scrooge ready to dance around and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy All Out War!

The ghost of Christmas past would be Beth. She would show Carol what things were like back at the camp in the quarry. How Carol did the best she could with Ed around. How Carol worked hard helping everyone by taking care of the clothes and the cooking and how she even saved them all by having the grenade with her at the CDC.

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Beth could let Carol see how she became tougher at the farm and that it was nobody’s fault the Sophia ran from walkers in that herd. Carol took care of Lizzie and MIka and saved Judith from Lizzie, which allowed her to save everyone from Terminus.

Carol and Daryl tried to save Beth and even though Carol wanted to leave back then, by staying she saved so many of them from the Wolves. She had every reason to feel the heaviness of what she has seen and had to do in these last few years.

The ghost of Christmas present would be Ezekiel. He could show her what has been transpiring in the last 5 days in all the other communities-essentially what we’ve watched during season 7. She could see it the way we’ve seen it.

The ghost of Christmas future would be a walker. (The ghost of Christmas future never talks.) He would show Carol what life might be like under Negan if they don’t fight. How Carol’s life will look if she just stays in that house and never leaves. Who might die and how terrible life would be with the Saviors running things at the Kingdom, at Hilltop, and in Alexandria.

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Carol would wake up in her little house and Morgan would just be leaving quietly after having dropped off some things for her. She would open the door and call for him. “Morgan,” she’d say calmly, “We have to fight.”