Jon Bernthal was told ‘stop thrusting’ during The Walking Dead sex scenes

Shane and Lori - The Walking Dead, AMC
Shane and Lori - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Jon Bernthal made a big impact on The Walking Dead as Shane Walsh, but he was told by the director to tone things down a notch during the show’s sex scenes.

There have been many fantastic actors and actresses come and go on AMC’s The Walking Dead. One of the most memorable is Jon Bernthal, who played Shane Walsh, the former police partner of Rick Grimes.

Shane was known for being an aggressive character who wasn’t afraid to rattle the cages of his fellow survivors. But he was also loyal to those he cares about, and after developing strong feelings for Rick’s family, he started a romantic relationship with the wife of his former partner.

A memorable scene in season 1 of the show involved Shane and Lori having sex in the woods. It was one of the first things that he and Sarah Wayne Callies filmed together, making the scene a little awkward.

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Bernthal spoke about the scene in a recent issue of GQ magazine, as explained by

"“When I got The Walking Dead. The actress Sarah Wayne Callies and I had just met, and basically our first scene together was having sex in the woods,” he said."

Reading this scene in the script, Bernthal had an idea for what the scene should be like. He wanted a scene of primal, survival sex and not soft lovemaking like is seen in many other television programs. The director of the episode apparently didn’t agree.

"“I had this idea that when we met in the woods, I should turn Sarah over. We’re in a zombie apocalypse. It’s carnal,” he said. “We just want to f**k, you know? And I hear calling from behind the monitors: ‘Stop thrusting!’”"

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One thing fans of The Walking Dead can agree on is that Jon Bernthal brings intensity to every performance . Shane was a great and complicated character who has been gone from the show for several seasons, but will never be forgotten thanks to the efforts of the fantastic actor.