The Walking Dead cast sends lots of Christmas Tweets

The Walking Dead promo image. AMC.
The Walking Dead promo image. AMC. /

It’s Christmas morning and the cast of The Walking Dead has already shared lots of Christmas wishes via Twitter for The Walking Dead family.

From AMC to Skybound to Saviors to Walkers, The Walking Dead family has been tweeting their holiday wishes and photos on Twitter to share the holiday spirit.

The tweets and retweets have been a fun way to share the excitement of the holidays and connect during the midseason break of The Walking Dead. 

We get to see some of the places that the cast goes during the holidays and even see into some of their homes and their lives as they share pictures of their trees and their families during this festive time.

The cast is so wonderful to take the time to share with the fans. Many take the time to reply to the messages. It’s fun to see them wish each other Merry Christmas as well. It’s only Christmas morning, we may have a whole bunch more by tonight!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Undead Walking. We appreciate you. I hope you enjoyed these tweets from the cast of The Walking Dead.  Check with us later in case there’s a new set of holiday wishes from the cast. Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. Join us on Twitter if you’re by yourself.

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Oh, join us on Twitter for the next phase of Christmas as well…the posting of The Walking Dead presents!