The Walking Dead Cast: The Christmas Tweets keep coming

Talking Dead/Walking Dead Promo photo. AMC.
Talking Dead/Walking Dead Promo photo. AMC. /

Twitter and Instagram have been filling up with Merry Christmas wishes from The Walking Dead. Here’s round 2 of glad tidings on this 25th of December.

This morning and even last night there was the rush of Tweets from the cast of The Walking Dead. Zombies and Saviors and more from the show-even Fear family. We shared many of those already.

But the Tweets just keep on coming. As the day goes on, there are more well wishes from Walkers, Alexandrians, Saviors and Hilltoppers. The Walking Dead, Road To Survival, some Judiths, a Sam and even the bat man himself.

The world on The Walking Dead keeps growing and so does our family on Twitter. Check out the Merry Christmas Tweets from all over the family–AMC, Skybound, and even some family members we really miss.

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Next: Round 1 of Merry Christmas Tweets

I hope you had wonderful times with your family and friends and that you are getting through the break from The Walking Dead without turning into a zombie. The new year is coming soon and February 12 will be here with our group ready to join forces with the other communities and take on the Saviors.

So while the Saviors are our family on Twitter, they better get ready for a fight come February! Happy Holidays!