Comic preview: The Walking Dead #162: ‘The Whisperer War Part 6 of 6’

The Walking Dead issue 162 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead issue 162 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

What should fans expect when they read The Walking Dead issue #162: ‘The Whisperer War Part 6 of 6’? Find out in the preview of the Image comic book.

When looking at the war between The Whisperers and everyone else in the zombie apocalypse, there has already been a lot of damage done in this storyline from The Walking Dead comic book series.

Alpha, and her heir apparent Beta, have done some horrible things to not only their opponents, but their own people. Their group has been responsible for the deaths of many great characters fans cared a lot about, and that list might get even longer.

On January 4, 2017, the final installment in The Whisperer War will be released, with part 6 of 6 being issue #162. That means there will be some big resolutions and likely a lot of blood shed between the two groups.

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In the previous issue, The Whisperers have burned The Hilltop to the ground, wiping out some of the population there before retreating into the woods. Now, those survivors will need to find a new home at either The Kingdom or Alexandria.

You may realize that The Sanctuary isn’t on that list. Sherry has been able to rally The Saviors to attack Rick Grimes and Alexandria as soon as they are done fighting The Whisperers. This makes the situation for fans even harder, since the fighting won’t end when The Whisperers are dead and their favorite characters will remain in major danger.

Negan is furious from the shattering of Lucille, Carl nearly died from smoke inhalation, Dwight had to resort to wearing dead people’s faces, and Maggie worried for the loss of her family. Tensions are high and these individuals will want to unleash some fury on The Whisperers as soon as possible.

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This should be an amazing comic full of action, drama, and intense panels. The Walking Dead: ‘The Whisperer War Part 6 of 6’ is available in digital form as well as printed comic form on January 4, 2017. Don’t miss the excitement of issue 162!