New McFarlane Walgreens The Walking Dead Exclusive coming soon

McFarlane Toys. Walgreens Exclusive. 5" Aaron.
McFarlane Toys. Walgreens Exclusive. 5" Aaron. /

McFarlane Toys released photos of its next AMC The Walking Dead 5″ action figure, which will be exclusive to Walgreens in January.

Collectors of McFarlane Toys’ 5″ The Walking Dead action figures should be excited about the news of a new figure coming exclusively to Walgreens. McFarlane has moved away from the 5″ figures and on to other larger figures and collections in the last year.

The website just posted new photos of the Aaron figure that will be exclusive to Walgreens and is expected this month. It is listed as coming soon and coming this January so keep your eyes open the next time you are in a Walgreens store.

Aaron has his clean catalog-model look from when he first met the group and invited them to audition for membership in Alexandria in season 5.. He’s sporting the nice blue plaid shirt, rain jacket, and back pack.  He has a rifle, headphones, and even a license plate cleverly designed with the 4MC TWD.

twd_wgexclusive_aaron_inpackage /

"Good-natured and adventurous, made Aaron the ideal choice to be Alexandria’s recruiter.  Despite the harsh and un-trusting reaction he received from initial contact of Rick’s group, he saw the good that can come out of even the roughest members.  He knew Alexandria needed Rick if they planned to stay alive.  Aaron was not only correct in his judgement but became a valued and trusted individual with the survivors, which helped lead them and Alexandria into a whole new world.Comes with Licensing Device w/ headphones, Remington Model Seven Compact Rifle, License Plate, and Pistol."

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Check with your local Walgreens for more details. Let us know if you pick up Aaron to add to your action figure collection. We hope to see some pictures of Aaron on our Twitter when they hit the stores. Stick with Undead Walking for more information on McFarlane toys and other The Walking Dead collectibles.