Broken Matt Hardy References Negan’s Sanctuary in Tweet

Broken Matt Hardy References Negan's Sanctuary in Tweet Photo Credit: "Broken" Matt Hardy - TNA Impact Wrestling, POP TV
Broken Matt Hardy References Negan's Sanctuary in Tweet Photo Credit: "Broken" Matt Hardy - TNA Impact Wrestling, POP TV /

Broken Matt Hardy directly referenced Negan’s Sanctuary when discussing indie wrestling sensation Chris Hero’s return to WWE NXT this week as Kassius Ohno.

TNA Impact wrestling star Broken Matt Hardy is clearly a Walking Dead fan! The broken one took to Twitter to sign off on Chris Hero signing back with the world’s strongest wrestling promotion, the WWE. Hardy alluded to the idea that all independent wrestling promotions must join together against the comfortable sanctuary of the WWE. Hardy combined the names of Negan and Mr. McMahon in classic broken fashion to complete the metaphor.

Broken Matt makes an allusion to Chris Hero figuratively as The Walking Dead’s Dwight. Essentially one of the community’s good ones returning home to ‘Negan’s sanctuary’, the WWE. Hero (Real Name: Chris Spradlin), who took the name Kassius Ohno in his first run in WWE NXT, originally left the NXT ‘sanctuary’ in 2013. He returned on January 5, 2017, confronting current NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

Broken Matt Hardy appeared unfazed by Hero’s surprise return, commenting he’d knew he’d go back.

Is this a case of real life imitating art, or art imitating life, or even art imitating art? Are we all caught in our own lives always looking between taking the safety in a ‘Negan’s Sanctuary’ or going at it alone? After all, there’s always strength in numbers and established entities. The powerful company vs the singular freelancer. There are sacrifices in either case. Ones that have to be made but rarely spoken about.

Above is a fairly recent photo (November 5, 2016) of Broken Matt Hardy with Chris Hero before his return as Kassius Ohno to the WWE.

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Do we choose to ‘delete’ some creative freedom in our lives for the bigger picture? Or is the bigger picture that we ‘delete’ our creative freedom for a picture at all? No right or wrong necessarily, just what is. Check in below and tell us if you feel more inclined toward a Negan’s sanctuary or an Alexandria in your life.

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