Josh McDermitt channeled his brother for Eugene on The Walking Dead

Eugene Porter. The Walking Dead - AMC
Eugene Porter. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Eugene is a fan favorite on The Walking Dead, but actor Josh McDermitt used his brother to help create some of the mannerisms of the on-screen character.

The Walking Dead is the home of some of the most unusual and interesting characters on television. One particular individual who fans have grown to love is Eugene Porter, played by comedian and actor Josh McDermitt.

Creating a character like Eugene is a major challenge. Playing a character who is so awkward and socially challenged yet intelligent and self-aware is what has drawn viewers of the hit AMC show to embrace McDermitt in the role.

Recently, McDermitt spoke with the Associated Press about how he drew inspiration for the character and some of the specific things that helped make Eugene who he is on the hit zombie survival drama.

Here is a video with some of the highlights from the Associated Press YouTube account:

McDermitt’s story about his brother Zack pretending to be Russian, even adopting a fake name and persona, could have helped him during the early stages of Eugene when he was lying about there being a safe place in Washington D.C.

Also, the low-key way that McDermitt plays Eugene’s anger and excitement nearly mirror what the actor explains his brother to be like in this clip. Eugene rarely raises his voice, even when backed into a corner or in a desperate situation, making the correlation even stronger.

However, there is no confirmation as to whether or not Zack ever rocked a mullet while doing his impression of a Russian person, or if he spoke in complicated phrases instead of using familiar terminology when speaking with people.

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Josh McDermitt can be seen as Eugene Porter when The Walking Dead returns from the season 7 midseason break in February of 2017. In the meantime, fans should check out his work in past projects like the film Life In Color or television programs Retired at 35 or Last Comic Standing.