Characters fans want to see more of in Season7B

Tara fist bump.
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Tara - The Walking Dead, AMC
Tara – The Walking Dead, AMC /


Tara did get an entire episode devoted to her in the first half of Season 7. But, before that Tara hadn’t been seen since the slaughter of the Saviors at the outpost. She and Heath left on a scavenging run right after the killing went down. After that Tara wasn’t seen again until the bottle episode “Swear”.

Tara has been an under used character for several seasons now. She’s been kind of lurking in the background of the survivors group. But, on her own she’s a very strong character. She’s a decent fighter and has interjected some needed humor into the show at several different times.

Her storyline in “Swear” showed that Tara still has a lot of the humanity that the rest of the group has lost. She’s resourceful and thinks fast on her feet. Her skills have been overlooked by the group at Alexandria for a long time. And even after the slaughter at the outpost she hasn’t become jaded.

The conversation that she and Heath have in “Swear” highlight her ability to adapt to the new world. She was bothered by the Saviors slaughter. But she trusts Rick and knows that it’s necessary now to kill to protect the ones you love.

Throughout the last several seasons she hasn’t really had the chance to move forward. It would be really nice to Tara take on more within the group and shine on her own. It would also be lovely if her girlfriends could stop getting killed. Can’t Tara ever find love that lasts?