The Walking Dead: More places to take shelter in the apocalypse

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Lincoln Castellanos as Tobias, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Lincoln Castellanos as Tobias, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC /

While it’s hard to top stadiums and ballparks as top destinations in the apocalypse, there are a few other locations that are worth fighting for.

The traditional line of thought is that you’d want to head to a Costco or grocery store during the apocalypse. It’s not a bad idea, but you’ll have to content with everyone else trying to do the same thing. Horror fans will recall that in The Mist that grocery stores are not ideal in terms of defensible spaces with all of the windows, so while it’s a good idea in theory, in practice it’s not the best place to go when Walkers are beating down the doors.

In my previous post I discussed the merits of heading to a stadium, which still stands as the best place to establish a fortress of solitude if you have a large enough group to defend it. Let’s take a look at some of the other ideas that might not immediately come to mind.

Drug Stores

I was at Walgreens recently and many Walgreens locations have windows around the top of the building, rather than down low. While it’s true that many people will want to raid the store for supplies, putting a giant target on your back, the building itself could be a nice place to take shelter once people have done their looting.


If your group has supplies and motivation to grow food, a bank might make a great place to set up camp. Most people won’t think about banks because money has no value in the apocalypse. However, most teller cages are wrapped in bulletproof glass, making them secure to not only Walkers, but people with guns.

The same goes for check cashing locations. Places like that are very secure, so as long as you have supplies, you can fly under the radar with a secure shelter that will keep you safe from Walkers and humans.


We’ve seen schools that were once used as shelters on The Walking Dead and they aren’t always the most secure locations because by the time people need to seek shelter, they’re already overrun with Walkers. Schools that are surrounded by security fences—and I’m talking the heavy duty fencing and not chain link fencing—could be a great place to establish a shelter, provided you have enough people in your group to protect the perimeter, and you can get the Walkers out before settling in.

Schools are a great option because they have kitchens that could be well stocked with food depending on the time of year, open spaces like athletic fields for crops, and plenty of space for lots of people. Classrooms and offices can be converted into “apartments” for families, and each classroom [not located on the ground floor with lots of windows] is easily defensible should Walkers get inside.

Universities would be a great option if not for the fact that they tend to not be surrounded by fences, so if you luck out and find a secure building at a university, it might work out for you. There is plenty of food year round so you’ll be set with food initially, and most large universities have health centers stocked with medicine and supplies so you will have a decent amount of food and medicine to get you started.

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Have you ever been out somewhere and thought “This could be a great place to get stuck in a zombie apocalypse?” (I’ll admit that I have!)  What are some of your thoughts about ideal locations to take shelter during the apocalypse? Let us know in the comments and your ideas might be featured in future articles!