Terrapin to offer beer based on The Walking Dead and Lucille

Lucille beer label - Terrapin Beer Company and Skybound
Lucille beer label - Terrapin Beer Company and Skybound /

Lucille may be a dirty girl, but fans of The Walking Dead will be able to drink a beverage based on the Negan’s vampire bat from the Terrapin Beer Company.

The Terrapin Beer Company gave fans a Red India Pale Ale called The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA a little over a year ago, but now another beverage is on the way based on a well-recognized part of the show and comics.

In late February of 2017, a ‘super limited’ release of a new Blackstrap Molasses Stout product will be released from Terrapin, only this time it will be based on Negan’s weapon of choice, his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille.

Here is the announcement as shared on the official Terrapin Beer Company website based in Athens, Georgia:

"“Inspired by Negan and Lucille, his weapon of choice, Terrapin Beer Co. and Skybound’s super limited release is sure to be a hit. Lucille, a Blackstrap Molasses Stout will be released in 500 ml bottles with a label that does the barbed wire wrapped bat justice.You don’t have to live in The Sanctuary to get ahold of Terrapin Beer Co and Skybound’s second collaboration beer, but this one won’t stick around long. The limited release will be available in late February.”"

Lucille beer - Terrapin Beer Company and Skybound
Lucille beer – Terrapin Beer Company and Skybound /

The label of the beer itself has a wonderful tease for the product, explaining the connect to Negan’s bat as well as some information on the production of the beer and some of the flavors fans may taste in the product.

"“Lucille,” the weapon of choice inside this bottle, is an imperial stout brewed with blackstrap molasses and vanilla. Swinging for the fences, we aged this beer on hickory, maple, and white ash, the three woods that are used to produce baseball bats. Big and menacing, its flavors hit hard."

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Watch for Lucille from the Terrapin Beer Company in late February of 2017. However, you will need to act fast, since this special The Walking Dead based beer will be in high demand while being a very limited release.