David Morrissey at University of Gloucestershire on March 9 (Free Event)

Must Watch: 'The Governor' David Morrissey as Richard III- Photo Credit: AMC
Must Watch: 'The Governor' David Morrissey as Richard III- Photo Credit: AMC /

If you’ve always wanted an audience with David “The Governor” Morrissey and live in the UK, this is your chance!

The University of Gloucestershire will be holding a special event on March 9, 2017 (6pm) entitled simply An audience with…David Morrissey. Tickets are available for free courtesy of Eventbrite. All you have to do is follow the link above and hit the register button and you’re all set to see The Governor himself in person.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the acclaimed actor talk about his life and career. Known to Walking Dead fans as the infamous Governor, Morrissey played the perfect rival to lead Rick Grimes, the antagonist to end all antagonists so to speak. Morrissey’s performance delievered in spades and it wasn’t till Negan now in Season 7 that fans have found a new villain worthy enough to take the mantle.

David Morrissey’s Interviewer

Anne Dawson, Head of Media School at the University of Gloucestershire will have the honor of interviewing Morrissey as they explore both his life and life’s work one on one. In 2015, Morrissey received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Gloucestershire in recognition of his outstanding contribution to his field.

David Morrissey returned to the stage after his character’s exit from The Walking Dead and received heavy praise for his work on multi-award winning play Hangmen by Martin McDonagh at The Wyndham’s Theatre and earlier in the Royal Court Theatre, London.

See David Morrissey as Macbeth

For those outside of the UK, you can see David Morrissey’s exceptional performance as the infamous King Macbeth of Shakespeare fame on DigitalTheatre.com.

It’s always a wonder to see the talents of The Walking Dead display their immense acting range that brought them to the dance and your living rooms each and every Sunday.

Get Tickets to ‘An audience with…David Morrissey’ Today!

While there’s no explicit ticket limit listed on the Eventbrite, as the event is free and features a big time star you can be sure seats will fill up quick.

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If you’re currently a student at the University of Gloucestershire and have even the faintest interest in the craft of acting, you owe it yourself to come see one of the best in the world at it.

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