The Walking Dead: Elizabeth Ludlow answers fan questions Twitter

Elizabeth Ludlow. Arat. The Walking Dead. AMC
Elizabeth Ludlow. Arat. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Elizabeth Ludlow was the most recent guest from the cast of The Walking Dead for Undead Chat on our Twitter and the Tweets were flying fast.

Undead Chat is the hashtag we’ve adopted for Twitter chats with actors from the cast of The Walking Dead who join us to answer questions from fans. The chats have been very popular. We’ve been very lucky to have quite a few cast members step up and volunteer to join us and we have more chats planned.

Today Elizabeth Ludlow, who portrays Negan’s right hand woman Arat, joined us for a very busy chat. Elizabeth stayed for over an hour and promised to come back for another chat some time. She joined us for an afternoon chat, which always makes the UK and European fans happy because they don’t have to stay up to the middle of the night or miss the chat.

Here are some of the highlights of the chat:

Elizabeth is actually still Tweeting and liking Tweets as I’m writing this article. She’s amazing. There were so many questions. The questions covered lots of topics as well. We had questions about her favorite color and her hobbies and questions about the actors on The Walking Dead as well as story lines and character questions.

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Check out all of the Tweets at the hashtag #undeadchat! Follow Elizabeth on Twitter! She is great with interacting with the fans. She will be in Rhode Island for her first Comic Con at the end of February! Thank you for an amazing chat, Elizabeth!

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday, February 12 for the second half of season 7 on AMC!