Greg Nicotero to be guest on Talking Dead season 7 midseason premiere

Greg Nicotero - Talking Dead, AMC
Greg Nicotero - Talking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead is back for season 7B on Sunday. Greg Nicotero, who directed the midseason premiere, will be on Talking Dead immediately after The Walking Dead to talk about the episode and the war that is coming.

The long midseason hiatus is almost over for The Walking Dead fans. The show returns this week with one of the strongest episodes this season. According to director Greg Nicotero episode nine, “Rock In the Road” should be a pivotal episode.

Greg Nicotero will be joining Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead immediately after The Walking Dead midseason premiere to discuss the episode and the upcoming war between the survivors and The Saviors.

Nicotero also directed the hotly debated season premiere where Negan killed both Abraham and Glenn with Lucille. So fans may still have some questions for him about that episode. Fans are still divided on whether or not that episode was too violent. But Nicotero defended the episode and assured fans that he will continue to do whatever it takes to develop the story.

Nicotero will also be directing two more episodes in The Walking Dead season 7B. One of those will be the season finale. Presumably the season finale will feature the opening shots of the actual war between Negan and Rick. The second half of season 7 will start out with Rick trying to rally the other communities to rise up and fight.

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“Rock In The Road“

In the midseason premiere Rick will be confronted with an entirely new community. He will need to size up that community and try to recruit them to fight with the survivors. Rick and the rest of the group will also be heading to the Kingdom to meet King Ezekiel.

Hopefully that means that Carol will be reunited with the survivors. One of the hardest parts of season 7 so far has been the group being scattered. The power of this group is their love for each other. When they’re not together it just doesn’t feel right.

While Rick is trying to convince the other groups to join him the rest of the survivors will have to be working hard to gather weapons. They should also be gathering whatever intelligence they can to help them fight the Saviors.

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Rock In The Road” is a slightly extended episode. Talking Dead with guest Greg Nicotero will air at 10:15 EST directly after The Walking Dead.