Walking Dead S07E09 Preview: ‘Rock in the Road’

Walking Dead S07E09 Preview: 'Rock in the Road' - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Cass)
Walking Dead S07E09 Preview: 'Rock in the Road' - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Cass) /

The Walking Dead returns with the aftermath of Rosita taking aim at Negan… Yet, injuring Lucille. Think about what has happened and can still happen!

A couple of months have passed since we watched Lucille’s mahogany exterior disfigured at the hands of Rosita. Walking Dead fans have not forgotten the shot heard around the world and neither has Negan, certainly not Eugene. Rosita simply didn’t heed Negan’s advice to heart, now one Alexandria death hanging over her head in Olivia and Eugene held partially responsible. Taken away back to the sanctuary all because Rosita didn’t consider the consequences of what might still happen to others.

Rosita’s Decision – Last time on The Walking Dead (Video)

The theme of tonight’s midseason premiere is all about ‘rising up’. Last episode ended with Rick Grimes joining up with Maggie at the Hilltop. Grimes told Maggie she was right all along and that they have to fight. Will all the communities successfully rebel against Negan? Is the infamous comic book storyline about to come to fruition on the show? Or will there be a twist to the television broadcast’s outcome? By now everybody knows how the plot is suppose to go making the promised advertised future relatively predictable.

What if… All the kingdom’s horses and all the kingdom’s men couldn’t put Alexandria back together again? A departure from the standard comic plot. There’s already been rumblings about this rebellion lasting into Season 8 so this won’t be a Gareth Terminus style instant conclusion. This Sanctuary narrative is likely heading into a slow burn after the immense buildup.

Walking Dead Midseason Premiere: Official Teaser Trailer

It’s all fun and games until Lucille comes into play. While Daryl has escaped the sanctuary, now Negan has Eugene in the cards. He knows about Rick’s daughter and Alexandria’s general schematics after Carl’s tour. The stakes will only grow once he realizes Rick lied to him about Maggie and that Daryl has left the building. As we’ve seen with Glenn and Olivia most recently, there are consequences to breaking Negan’s rules.

It’s a standing policy of the saviors, they do not forget. Meaning Rick Grimes will have to make sure everyone’s on the same page before attempting a coup. There will only be one chance at full strength. If anyone chooses to betray their trust and alert Negan (like a Gregory for example), all will be lost. There won’t be a way to make the numbers back up against the Saviors either.

Walking Dead – ‘Rock in the Road’ Episode Notes

Directing and Writing Direction
Tonight’s midseason premiere is directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Angela Kang. Nicotero previously directed the first two episodes of Season 7, ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’ and ‘The Well’. Kang previously wrote the infamous ‘The Cell’ episode of Season 7 featuring Easy Street.

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Norman Reedus is excited about tonight’s Walking Dead return and posted a cast photo on Instagram:

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