Michael Cudlitz joins the cast of ABC’s pilot The Trustee


The Walking Dead alum Michael Cudlitz makes his triumphant return to television in the new ABC pilot The Trustee.

Abraham Ford fans can rejoice that former star of The Walking Dead, Michael Cudlitz, is returning to television in a police procedural with a comedic twist. Cudlitz has joined the cast of The Trustee, a pilot ordered by ABC ahead of the alphabet network’s pilot season.

The Trustee follows the career of Detective Eliza Radley (played by Being Human alum Meagan Rath) who winds up forming a bond with the precinct’s trustee, a former con who works around the station while she’s finishing up her sentence. Cudlitz will play Captain Timothy Waits, a seasoned veteran on the force who watches over Radley and her unorthodox partner. GIven that the show is a comedy, this will be a great place for Cudlitz to let his funny side out without worrying about the undead coming after him.

Playing a police captain should be second nature for Cudlitz after playing brash military man Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead. Abraham often supplied the show’s comedic relief, even firing off a parting shot to Negan just moments before his death.

Fans were devastated by the loss of two fan favorites during The Walking Dead’s seventh season premiere. Cudlitz remains popular among fans who flock to conventions to see him. He’s a beloved convention attendee because he always takes time with his fans.

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There is no release date available for the show, which will pass through ABC’s new show selection pipeline before being picked up for Fall 2017.