The Walking Dead: Undead chat with undead hero walker Stephen Vining

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Prolific walker actor on The Walking Dead, Stephen Vining, joined Undead Walking on Twitter for a chat with a herd of fans.

There are quite a few walkers on The Walking Dead who have played some memorable zombies. There are also many extras who fill in the herds. The walkers are such an important part of the show.

Stephen Vining joined The Walking Dead at the beginning of season 5. He has been part of many walker herds, and he has also played an inordinate number of extremely memorable walkers from iconic scenes in the show.

He has been killed numerous times and has eaten a few people as well. Just a few of his most memorable scenes that you’ll recognize immediately from my descriptions, if you are a The Walking Dead fan, include: the Cherokee Rose Walker that Daryl killed in the woods, the walker who was attached to the tree that bit Carter in the face, the insurance man walker who was trapped behind the glass as Sasha and Abe talked, and the walker that Rick saw in the rear view mirror as they left the woods after the sad scene with Lucille.

Watch some of Stephen’s walkers on his demo reel:

Before Stephen even arrived at his designated time for the chat, the Twitter herd had started posting their questions. This chat was extremely popular. There were so many people asking really great questions and Stephen made his way through the Tweets, replying with very thoughtful answers.

We cut off the questions after an hour so Stephen could catch his breath and he stayed for another hour finishing up. He also ran a giveaway for an autographed walker print.

Enjoy some highlights of the chat:

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What an enlightening chat for The Walking Dead fans! So many interesting questions and answers about being a zombie on the best zombie show ever. Thank you so much to Stephen Vining for joining us. Give Stephen a follow if you are on Twitter.

We will continue to have chats with some of the Saviors as season 7 continues. Join us or read the highlights here on our website.