Morgan is doing what is he thinks is best for Carol on The Walking Dead

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead’s Carol disappeared from Alexandria and now lives just outside the Kingdom. Will she return once finding out about the impending battle between Negan and the Saviors?

Carol, a self-made warrior who has seen too much death and killed one too many walkers, made a conscious choice to leave Alexandria and strike out on her own.  The heavy burdens of her past had become too much for her and she no longer wanted any part of taking out the next threat just because it’s for the greater good for Rick and the group.

Morgan, whose vow of not killing coupled with a belief system that everyone can change despite their past, put himself on a journey to try to “SAVE” Carol and bring her back to Alexandria.  After taking out a few saviors to rescue her, initially Morgan tried to encourage wounded Carol not give up and return home.  He began to understand that she is broken and won’t be easily persuaded to return.

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Introduction to the Kingdom and King Ezekiel brought much-needed care and rest for Carol. She still showed resistance to belonging to another community and begin to plan her escape.  Morgan really wanted her stay at the Kingdom to rest and regain the parts of herself she has lost. He continued to push her to not give up.

This new Carol is one that Morgan is not familiar with. As Carol makes her home at the cottage, Morgan appears to finally understand Carol and decides to respect her wishes for space and solitude.

Once Rick arrived at the Kingdom with the rest of group, Morgan learns of the death of Glenn and Abraham and how The Saviors have antagonized the Alexandria community. Morgan’s decision not to share Carol’s whereabouts with Rick and the others is a conscious one.

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Perhaps he wanted to prevent her from being pulled back in due to the need of Rick and the group, instead of making her own decision to return. But will Carol come full circle and return to her old ways? Or is this the Carol permanent?