Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 165 ‘Opportunity’

Andrea and Eugene - The Walking Dead 165, Skybound and Image Comics
Andrea and Eugene - The Walking Dead 165, Skybound and Image Comics /

What happened in issue 165 of The Walking Dead comic book series titled ‘Opportunity’? Here is a rundown of events from the March 2017 installment.

The Walking Dead released issue 165 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Opportunity’ on March 1. 2017. If you have not yet read this comic, it is highly advised you do so, as there will be complete spoilers below in the recap of the issue. You have been warned!

Issue 165 kicks off with Negan killing walkers outside of the house where he and Rick were hiding out. He was having some fun with the undead before one got behind him and made a lunge. Rick shot the zombie in the head, freeing Negan to run back into the house.

Negan asks Rick if they are friends now because they have saved each other’s lives. Rick says his bar for friendship is too low, and they need to work on eliminating walkers at the front and rear exits.

In Eugene’s house, Siddiq continues to be impressed by the working radio. He and Annie discuss it for a moment before a voice on the other end calls out for Eugene, startling Siddiq in a big way. Confused, Siddiq wants to keep at the radio, but Annie reminds him there is a lot of work to be done in Alexandria.

Siddiq - The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Siddiq – The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Kelly is looking out the window. He wants to join the fight against the walkers, and Connie wants to help.

At the back door of the house, Negan is back to work at killing zombies. He’s starting to have fun with it again, but Rick is watching his back closely this time. Meanwhile, Dwight and the others are still working on thinning the herd by working the edges and diverting groups on horseback.

The walkers are being led into the water, and Eugene watches on in awe. Andrea is less impressed with the visuals, They discuss the potential water and fishing issues, but realize the current will sweep the undead out to sea. A section of the group splinters off from the ledge, but Eugene gets a plan going to keep the walkers moving in that direction.

Negan is still chipping away the large number of undead in Alexandria. Rick says he should retreat and move back to the other door, but Negan disagrees and tells Rick to trust him.

Siddiq and Annie are working to thin out the crowd in front of Eugene’s house as well. Annie thinks the efforts are paying off. Vincent is leading a group of the survivors in eliminating the undead, and Julia praises him for his leadership skills under pressure.

Connie is helping Kelly with walkers near their house. She reminds Kelly that she isn’t fragile just because of what happened with her hand. Kelly vows to never let something like that happen again.

Still on their horses, Andrea and Eugene are rounding up walkers. Eugene is starting to get woozy again and talks about taking a break or even falling off his horse. Andrea says that now isn’t a good time and he can rest when they’re home.

Michonne and Jesus are handling the other side of the walker group well. However, they are concerned for the other side, which they can now no longer see or keep track of. Michonne says they have lost too many in the past not to be worried and they don’t know what else could be a danger.

The people from The Hilltop are also fighting. Carl is leading the way, only checking to stop on Lydia for a moment.

Sherry - The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Sherry – The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Dwight is exhausted from killing walkers, but takes a moment to ask where Heath is. Laura alerts him to The Kingdom’s arrival, where John is pushing Heath around. The Saviors mow down the walkers with their weapons.

John asks Sherry what they should do with Dwight because of their history. Sherry says that he chose his side, leaving him as fair game. John punches him in the face and grabs him by the throat with a sinister grin on his face, professing his hatred for Dwight.

Content having driven a majority of the herd away from Alexandria and toward the ocean, the survivors set their sights on returning to the community to work on eliminating the walkers that are still there.

Dante jokes about hoping Alexandria is still standing, since the people of The Hilltop need a place to sleep.  Maggie reminds him of the priorities: saving Alexandria.

Eugene, Andrea, Yumiko, and Magna - The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene, Andrea, Yumiko, and Magna – The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound /

The walker problem is still strong, as Eugene, Andrea, and the others find a spot where the walkers are starting to overlap. Worried about being surrounded, the group gets to work on straightening out the line.

Eugene asks Andrea for the horn. He says that he alone would be able to get through narrow gaps to keep the walkers in line and the others should get to safety. He reaches toward her horse, grabs the horn, and tells her to go. Sounding the horn. he attempts to rally the undead to his position.

A walker steps in front of Eugene’s horse, knocking it to the ground. Eugene looks on as walkers devour the animal, but realizes he is surrounded as well.

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Suddenly, gunshots ring out. It is Andrea and the others, they are shooting some walkers to make a path for Eugene’s escape. However. it looks bad for Eugene as the sea of walkers now appears to be completely surrounding him.

Andrea moves in to help him, but Eugene tells her once again to go. Now back-to-back, the two survivors make a stand against the walkers, hoping to get to the edge. Eugene says he can’t, but continues fighting anyway.

Magna and Yumiko continue to shoot walkers, hoping to give Andrea and Eugene a pocket to get away. Andrea yells to get to the horse, but Eugene falls down. Yelling for him to get up, Andrea helps to pull Eugene up as they slip through a small hole in the horde.

Greeting them, Magna is surprised they made it out. However. Andrea reveals a wound on her neck she obtained during the fight with the walkers, possibly from a bite as the issue comes to a close.

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The Walking Dead issue 166 is titled ‘No Surrender’ and will be released in digital and physical forms on April 5, 2017. With so much going on right now, this should be another excellent action packed issue for fans of the comic book series to look forward to.