Talking Dead: Josh McDermitt wants to trend Eugene brings the sex

L"ll Jon. Austin Amelio. Josh McDermitt. Talking Dead. AMC.
L"ll Jon. Austin Amelio. Josh McDermitt. Talking Dead. AMC. /

Chris Hardwick and Josh McDermitt have fun with a little “improv”on Talking Dead that leads to a t-shirt and a trending hashtag.

Last Sunday on Talking Dead, the boys were preparing to do the little science experiment and they watched the clip for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead where Michonne and Rick were out together.

When Chris Hardwick asked Josh McDermitt what he made of the clip, Josh said he hoped they were out looking for Eugene. Josh’s feelings seemed to be hurt that nobody was concerned about poor Genie being a prisoner at the Sanctuary.

Within their exchange, the funny duo imagined Michonne and Rick thinking about missing Eugene and getting a little hot and heavy because, of course, Eugene brings the sex.

Chris Hardwick, who usually wants to get things trending on Twitter, thought Eugene brings the sex needed to be on a T-shirts and Josh was the one with the desire to get Eugene brings the sex trending.

Check out the hilarious exchange here:

Josh didn’t just drop the idea after the show. He has the hashtag as his pinned Tweet on Twitter along with the YouTube to explain it.  Chris Hardwick got his wish as well. Eugene brings the sex is on a T-shirt that you can buy! It’s an officially licensed shirt available for a limited time.

"Eugene most certainly knows how to bring it. Support Eugene in his efforts to bring the sex and stay alive with this limited edition, premium quality, 60% cotton, 40% polyester, pre-shrunk crew neck t-shirt. Our exclusive graphic is printed with super soft, water base inks, for an amazing vintage feel. Available in a versatile unisex cut that’s flattering, yet extremely comfy. This official and exclusive design is available for a limited time only, don’t miss out."

It’s so much fun that the cast and Chris and even former cast are so involved with the show and with the fans. An added element of fun that Josh has recently brought to Twitter is in his bio, which simply says, “I’m Negan.”

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Tune in to The Walking Dead and Talking Dead on AMC on Sunday nights to see if Eugene brings the sex and if he keeps his pickles and stays loyal to Negan.