The Walking Dead: The woman in the boots answers fan questions

Tamiel (Sabrina Gennarino) and Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) in episode 10
Tamiel (Sabrina Gennarino) and Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) in episode 10 /

Sabrina Gennarino, the mystery woman who wore those boots when she played Tamiel on The Walking Dead, hung out with our followers on Twitter yesterday.

The mystery is how Seth Gilliam kept a straight face around Sabrina, if indeed he did, on set. Sabrina is a riot! She is so fun to be around on Twitter. She is quick-witted and amiable and a huge fan of The Walking Dead. She also swears like Negan!

Sabrina contacted me for a surprise Twitter chat with our followers so she could answer questions and announce to us first that she will be appearing at Horrorhound Weekend in Cinncinnati on March 17-19th.

Like many of our Undead Chat guests, Sabrina was pleasantly surprised at how many questions are asked at the chat. It’s difficult to keep up. The actors that join us for our chats are so amazing. They answer so many of the questions and stay for about an hour.

They even try to answer any questions they missed the following day. It’s quite remarkable. Most actors jump on Twitter for 10-15 minutes and answer a handful of Tweets, which is wonderful of them, but our Twitter chats are incredible! I must also commend our followers. They ask great questions!

Let’s take a look at the highlights of our chat with Sabrina:

If you’re on Twitter, join us for our next Twitter Undead Chat on Sunday with Walker Erik Wantland. Our schedule is packed with Saviors for the rest of the season. They just take everything, don’t they! We will also host Briana Venskus from Oceanside!

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Thank you so much, Sabrina! It was a blast having you for a chat. Have a fantastic time at Horrorhound Weekend. We can’t wait to see and retweet all the pictures!