The Walking Dead S7E13: Complete recap of “Bury Me Here”

Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead returns with “Bury Me Here.” We have your complete recap for you here in case you missed anything in the episode.

Tonight’ episode starts out with members of the Kingdom loading a truck. A single basket is placed inside with a single cantaloupe. After Ezekiel raises his hands in blessing, the truck is closed.

(This was quite possibly the shortest opening scene in Season 7. Roll credits and head to commercials almost immediately)

Someone is crying in the darkness. It’s Carol, who lights a match and lies back in her bed. It doesn’t look like she has been sleeping well. She lights a cigarette and ponders life in her shadowy bedroom. “Goddammit,” she growls, getting up from bed.

Morgan instructs a young child early in the morning. He’s using a staff to learn how to knock his brother (Benjamin) “on his butt.”

Carol leaves her house with a rifle ad heads out on the road. In the glowing morning before dawn the city ahead looks very peaceful, but of course there are Walkers everywhere including at the gate of the Kingdom. She takes a street sign and quickly dispatches them as Benjamin comes out and sees what’s she’s doing. She asks where Morgan is.

Morgan is at his desk when Carol comes in. She wants to know why Jesus brought everyone to the Kingdom, and he says that they’re trying to work together. She wants to know if they beat the Saviors back in Alexandria, and whether everyone is really ok. Morgan reminds her that he kept her secret from Daryl as she requested. But he can’t clear things up about Daryl. He’ll go to Alexandria with her if she wants to. “You shouldn’t go alone,” he says before asking if getting away from everyone was what she wanted. She leaves before answering his question.

Benjamin wants to know if he can go back to Carol’s cottage so he can learn more about killing Walkers from her. He was impressed by what he saw outside the gate. He says there is a drop that day but he can miss it to go with her. She tells him to do the drop. As she walks away from the Kingdom, she pauses in the street long enough for Richard to see her from his hiding place in the shadows. She walks away and Richard goes around a building and starts burying a backpack that has “Katy” written on it.

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From a distance, life at the Kingdom is peaceful and idyllic. Ezekiel watches over the town from his perch. One of Ezekiel’s people, Nabila, comes to report that the crops have weevils in them, and they’ll have to tear them out and replant, but she reminds him that it can all grow back. Shiva growls, and Nabila says she might have just pissed herself so she leaves. Ezekiel watches one of the men loading cantaloupe into a wheelbarrow.

Benjamin visits Morgan and says he’s still reading the book Morgan gave him. He gives Morgan a picture that he found in a restaurant. Morgan teases him about the girl and Benjamin leaves.

Richard and Morgan watch Benjamin with his little brother. Richard thinks he’s too young to be a father. He says he was a father at the right time in his life, with the perfect family. He asks Morgan if he had kids. He says he knows Morgan is a good man even though they share different views about the Saviors. He says the day is coming when he’ll have to change his views, but he shouldn’t beat himself up over it.

Ezekiel calls his people together, telling Jerry to leave the cobbler. Inside the truck, Morgan tries to get more information from Benjamin about the girl.

Outside the Kingdom they discover that the road has been blocked at several junctures. Richard gets out and warns his people to keep their guns up. (Wasn’t Richard not supposed to have guns anymore?) Even Morgan holds his gun up as they scout the area. Richard tells Benjamin to hold up his gun, and together the come to the same spot that Richard buried the backpack. Now there is a pit in the ground with a sign saying “bury me here.” Ezekiel thinks that someone has been driven insane to do this. Benjamin tells Ezekiel that he made another world for them so they don’t have to be crazy.

The Saviors are waiting at the drop off spot. One of them is practicing with Morgan’s staff. Ezekiel apologizes for being late, and when Jerry tells Gavin not to interrupt him he’s hit in the head. Gavin says things are stressful enough, and he’s stressed out. Gavin sees the cantaloupes in the truck and says he wants the guns, too. Everyone pulls their weapons on each other. Richard says they should give them the guns and the Savior mocks him. Ezekiel wants Morgan’s staff back. Gavin says Ezekiel knows the answer. Eventually, Ezekiel hands over the guns, and then Gavin looks at the truck. There’s a problem. Instead of the 12 cantaloupes there are 11, which is a problem. Gavin says they have to learn the lesson. Ezekiel tries to offer twice as many cantaloupes but Gavin says they have to deal with it now. A gun is aimed at Richard’s head and the other people of the Kingdom look at each other. Richard tells the Savior to “do it” so the Savior aims the gun elsewhere and fires.

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The screen goes black as Ezekiel yells “No!”

Benjamin collapses, and when Ezekiel says that they need to get Benjamin back to the Kingdom, Gavin’s expression changes and he barks at the man who shot him. Gavin offers one chance to bring the remaining cantaloupe back the following day, and then they leave for Carol’s house because she has medical supplies.

Carol hears the car approach and they get Benjamin inside. He’s bleeding badly and Ezekiel tries to tell him that he’ll be okay. Richard’s eyes are full of tears as he meets Morgan’s gaze.

Benjamin dies later and the room is silent as they grieve. Ezekiel apologizes for coming to Carol, and Morgan storms the room.

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Morgan walks back to the town and he starts having flashbacks from the days when he was dealing with his breakdown. He starts screaming, but when he kicks the yellow box that was near the truck when it broke down, he finds that it is covering the cantaloupe. He recalls Richard walking from behind the group, telling Benjamin to keep his gun up. Morgan realizes that Richard took the cantaloupe.

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Richard is in his room when Morgan comes in and throws the yellow box inside. “It was supposed to be me,” Richard says. Richard was supposed to die to show them what was happening. Benjamin wasn’t supposed to be the target, which explains Gavin’s terrified response.

Richard explains that he was in a camp when it all happened, it was like a tent city, but it was filled with the sound of babies crying. He didn’t think there was anything he could do. He lost his wife, and then a few days later he lost his daughter right in front of him because he didn’t do something to fix the situation. He waited, and it cost their lives.

He tells Morgan to listen to him. They can show the Saviors that they understand what they need to do, but they need to believe them. After that, after they have their trust, they kill the Saviors. They all need to join together to destroy the Saviors. “This is it, Morgan. You have to kill, or else you might as well kill yourself,” he says. Richard says someone needed to die to learn this, and though he tried to sacrifice himself he will now lead the group.

Richard says he will talk to Ezekiel and tell him what he did, and he’ll never be able to forget it.

Later that night Morgan reflects as Ezekiel comforts Benjamin’s brother. The next day Ezekiel watches as the crops are cleared and the single cantaloupe is loaded into the truck.

They drive to the dropoff spot. Morgan asks if Richard told Ezekiel yet, and when Richard says they should talk later, Ezekiel overhears them and says that they should talk now. Morgan picks up his staff and the one that Benjamin was using. Gavin and the Savior who shot Benjamin arrive. Gavin asks about the “kid” and when no one says anything, Gavin’s expression changes. He tells the man who shot him to start walking back. He’s ready to kill him but he sends him away. Gavin asks if they have the other cantaloupe, and Richard brings it to him in the crate.

Richard says that “we understand now” and Morgan snaps, knocking Richard to the group before strangling him and crushing his skull. He acts as if in a trance. “He set it all up,” Morgan says. He tells Ezekiel that Richard blocked the road. He tells Gavin the cantaloupe was there but Richard hid it. Richard wanted to start something with the Saviors. Morgan tells Gavin that he wanted to prove they knew how to go on. “Good. Next week, same time,” Gavin says. “We understand,” Morgan replies.

Ezekiel is incredulous that Richard did all of this and Morgan explains that he thought he would be the one to die. Morgan says that Duane died instead, mistaking Benjamin for his dead son. Ezekiel sees that Morgan is slipping away and tries to get him to return to the Kingdom, but Morgan tells them to go. They leave Morgan there in the empty lot with Richard’s body.

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Morgan drags Richard’s body back to the hole Richard had dug for himself. While he’s digging he finds the backpack that belonged to Richard’s daughter, Katy. He leaves it on the grave and buries it with her father.

Walkers move along the street, oblivious to the bad day Morgan has been having. He kills them, then he shows up at Carols. He asks if she really wants to know what happened. She asks what happened to Morgan, and he says he killed Richard because he was responsible for Benjamin’s death. She says yes, and Morgan says that Negan killed Glenn and Abraham with a baseball bat. Now the Saviors are in control of Alexandria. They killed more people. Spencer, Olivia. That’s why Jesus brought Rick and the others to the Kingdom, so they can fight. Morgan leaves, and Carol follows. He says he’s going to kill them, kill them all. She asks him not to go without her.

Carol returns to the Kingdom with a bag of weapons. She finds Ezekiel with Benjamin’s brother. He sees her and she says she’s sorry. She pledges to be there at the Kingdom now because they have to get ready to fight. “We do, but not today,” he says. He returns to Benjamin’s brother as he works to replant the garden. She goes and joins them, helping to bring life back to the empty dirt.

Morgan has remained at Carol’s house. He sharpens his stick, getting ready.

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