The Walking Dead: Morgan’s sticks as a symbol of his journey

Eastman and Morgan. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Eastman and Morgan. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Morgan has used sticks of different types in different ways over the time we’ve known him on The Walking Dead that represent his journey.

After Morgan lost Duane and Jenny and he decided he had to clear as his purpose, he was very detached from everything and everyone. He was alone and protected himself with traps. Even the sticks he uses weren’t attached to him.

He didn’t hold them. He affixed them to barrels and rigged them up to grocery carts in beautiful modern art sculptures. They protected him. They gave him a bit of freedom. The were a defense. Thorns.

After he left the apartment and went out to clear, he used pointed sticks as offense and defense. He held them. He was becoming more attached to the world again. In becoming attached and aware, he wanted someone to take him out.

Clear. Traps. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Clear. Traps. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

When Eastman stopped him, he begged to be killed. His spears gave him some power and freedom, but they didn’t help with any of the pain. The sticks were still pointy and sharp.

Eastman gave Morgan a staff that was used for defense and gave him freedom but it wasn’t pointy and sharp. He didn’t have to be detached.

He could be aware. A staff that had smooth edges and was peaceful. It could kill walkers and still not lead him down the path of self-destruction. It could protect and support him. He could lean on it to stand tall and to remember.

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Carol told Morgan he could go, but not go. His staff can do the same thing. It can be sharp but not sharp. It can be smooth but not smooth. It can be both. He can use his staff now to defend. To kill walkers. He can hold onto it. It can support him. He can protect himself with it.

He can be free with it. He can also kill with it, if it becomes necessary and not go back to the art museum of pointy sticks. He can hold onto the peaceful gift that Eastman gave him yet make it his own pointy staff that he needs to protect his family.