FBE’s REACT tests the recognition of The Walking Dead theme song

The Walking Dead logo - AMC
The Walking Dead logo - AMC /

How long would it take you to recognize popular television theme songs like the one for The Walking Dead? Fine Brothers Entertainment tested their staff.

The Walking Dead has become one of the most recognizable programs in the world during its run on AMC starting in October of 2010. Just the opening notes of the theme song is enough to get any zombie loving fan excited for more apocalyptic drama.

Considering how unique the theme song created by Bear McCreary is and the massive appeal of cable television’s #1 program, it shouldn’t take someone long to figure out the song when played out of context from the TV show, right?

That was put to the test by Fine Brothers Entertainment in their REACT series on YouTube. They paired up their staff members to see who could recognize popular television theme songs first, giving them a buzzer to ring in with pride on the line.

Here is the video as hosted on the official REACT YouTube channel:

The game starts out easily enough. Some of the most iconic themes in sitcom television history are played with some current ones mixed in to keep the staff of Fine Brothers Entertainment on their toes.

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AMC’s hit zombie drama is the fifth and final song of the game. The first second of the song is played and amazingly every single pair knew the song from just that short clip of the show’s theme.

There were some individuals in the game who admitted to never watching the show or only catching a few episodes, and one man who seemed disappointed that it was the only on that he got right.

However, for the most part, the staff of Fine Brothers Entertainment easily recognized the theme and were able to place the music with the popular undead drama within a split second of it being played.

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Huge thanks go out to Fine Brothers Entertainment for including the theme song for The Walking Dead by Bear McCreary in their YouTube video on the REACT channel and their staff for recognizing it so quickly. This video proves even more just how big the phenomenon of AMC’s zombie survival drama has become since 2010.