Undead Social: Twitter reaction to The Walking Dead episode 714

Eugene - The Walking Dead episode 714, AMC
Eugene - The Walking Dead episode 714, AMC /

There was a time when people watched popular TV shows like The Walking Dead without Twitter or social media. What dark times those were indeed!

Social Media has increased viewership, sharpened reactions and has brought people together from all parts of the world. Each week during The Walking Dead (only two left this season, oh my) we’ll bring you a collection of tweets from fans and our fine folks here at Undead Walking.

Take a second to follow some of those fine humans. They’re gentlemen, ladies, scholars, aristocrats and more.

Our main account is heavily active. Here’s a tweet about the emotional show, which saw #DarylTears and heartfelt talks.


I tweet a lot, too (shameless plug, but feel free to follow all the same). One of my many tweets was noticed by Talking Dead and read on-air.

Funny story… I flipped over to watch a WWE “Pay-per-view” and missed it when it was read about 45 minutes into the show.

My followers lit up and I returned to Twitter to see “OMG, they read your tweet” and the like and wondered which tweet was read by Chris Hardwick. I watched the replay and recorded my moment.

What’s more interesting is the fact it was chosen among thousands of tweets and I didn’t tag AMC or Talking Dead in to so there’s that.

The panel laughed and laughed and laughed. Here it is from a few weeks ago (I thank poop for the honor):

Here are tweets from fans during Episode 714 “The Other Side” collected in a neat Storify package:


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Again, there are thousands of tweets and unlike Pokemon, we can’t catch them all. If you have any you’d like to share add them in comments or be sure to tag us on Twitter and we might use them in the next roundup.