Interview with Ann Mahoney of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con

Ann Mahoney of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2017 - Photo by Adam Carlson
Ann Mahoney of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2017 - Photo by Adam Carlson /

Fans know her as Olivia on The Walking Dead, but Ann Mahoney is much more than that and discussed her career at Walker Stalker Con 2017 in Chicago.

Whenever fans of The Walking Dead can get together, a good time is had by all. One of the people taking full advantage of the fun at Walker Stalker Con in Chicago was an actress from the AMC show, Ann Mahoney.

Fans of the series know her as Olivia, the woman who kept track of and housed all the food, guns, and supplies in Alexandria while doing her best ration them in hopes of long-term survival for the community.

Recently, Ann Mahoney sat down with Undead Walking at Walker Stalker Con 2017 in Chicago to discuss her character, her other projects, and what the best snack is while watching The Walking Dead.

Here is the video as shared on Adam Carlson’s YouTube account:

Mahoney is one of those celebrities that loves interacting with as many fans as she can. Not only was she walking the floor and meeting many of the great attendees at Walker Stalker Con, but she could be seen busting a move at the Zombie Bash on Friday night.

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She discussed many topics with us, including her character’s slap of Negan, Arat getting her way, and Olivia’s temperament and duties in Alexandria. But more topics were discussed during our chat aside from The Walking Dead.

Ann Mahoney is currently on the show Sun Records where she plays the mother of Elvis Pressley and her work in the powerful film 99 Homes was discussed. However, some of the most fun conversation happens when discussing her role in the comedy film Bad Moms.

It is highly recommended to speak with Ann if you have the opportunity. She is a fantastic and well spoken woman who really enjoys interacting with fans of AMC’s zombie survival drama as well as her other works.

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Huge thanks go out to Ann Mahoney for taking the time to speak with Undead Walking as well as Walker Stalker Con in Chicago for helping to make the interview possible. And be sure to check her out in her current role on Sun Records, which is hoping to return for a second season