Jay Bonansinga of The Walking Dead: Interview from Walker Stalker Chicago 2017

The Walking Dead author Jay Bonaninga at Walker Stalker Con Chicago - Image: Adam Carlson
The Walking Dead author Jay Bonaninga at Walker Stalker Con Chicago - Image: Adam Carlson /

Author of The Walking Dead novels Jay Bonansinga discussed his zombie-filled history, his love for The Governor, and more at Walker Stalker Chicago 2017.

When most people think of conventions about The Walking Dead, they picture fans lining up to see some of the biggest stars of the his AMC show or trying to get their hands on that rare issue of the comic book series they have been looking for.

However, one of the best kept secrets at Walker Stalker Con is Jay Bonansinga. His cool persona and general friendliness are major draws for those coming to see him, but not enough fans know about his work relating to Robert Kirkman’s zombie universe.

Recently, I had a chance to speak with Mr. Bonansinga at Walker Stalker Con in Chicago to discuss several of his projects as well as general topics on The Walking Dead. Here is the video as hosted on my personal YouTube channel:

Jay Bonansinga is one of those individuals who is so interesting that the conversation could go on for hours and never get old. Some of his stories about working with Robert Kirkman and George A. Romero are fantastic and his non-fiction works are things that even those who are not fans of the undead could get into.

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Other topics discussed were his work on games like The Walking Dead: Michonne from Telltale Games and The Walking Dead: Road To Survival as well as comparing generations of zombie storytellers.

Of course, the focus of the conversation was the great novels from Mr. Bonansinga about The Walking Dead. The origins of characters such as Tara and Lily as well as discussing why The Governor is such an interesting man were talked about.

The Walking Dead: Return To Woodbury is the next installment in the series of books which focus on community and the evolution of the characters who made the town their home. Watch for it on October 17, 2017.

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A huge thanks goes out to Jay Bonansinga for taking the time to talk to Undead Walking as well as Walker Stalker Con for helping to make the interview happen. Check out his work available for sale on Amazon.com.