Rumor: Emma Stone in Norman Reedus’ Death Stranding (Leaked Image)

Rumor: Emma Stone in Norman Reedus' Death Stranding? Picture Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Kojima Productions via's Forum (User: opricnik)
Rumor: Emma Stone in Norman Reedus' Death Stranding? Picture Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Kojima Productions via's Forum (User: opricnik) /

Emma Stone may be playing a character in Norman Reedus’ upcoming Hideo Kojima project Death Stranding. An image has leaked that very much looks like Stone.

According to a topic by user ‘opricnik’ in leading game industry forum NeoGAF, an image of Emma Stone’s likeness in the the upcoming Death Stranding videogame for Playstation 4 has been leaked. Rumored to have been captured from an E3 video presentation of the title. Now it could be a simple photoshop. However, the grainy nature and half face caught looks like a timely snap was taken in haste on a mobile camera before anyone saw anything. Emma Stone being featured in Death Stranding would not come as too much of a surprise, as the rumor has been gaining traction even before this image leaked.

Emma Stone in Death Stranding? Leaked Image Rumor

Picture Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Kojima Productions via

Stone Secret Out of the Bag? Or Always There to Those Paying Attention?

It’s no secret that Death Stranding’s game director Hideo Kojima is quite fond of actress Emma Stone’s performance in La La Land and her career as a whole. He’s taken to Twitter before to speak about how how he got to meet the actress “he’s been in love with over 10 years” recently. Through the “Indeed here’s LA LA LAND” portion of the tweet we are lead to believe it was indeed actress Emma Stone. If you’ve been following Norman Reedus’ video game project for the PlayStation 4 you know how strongly Sony feels about the project. Allowing Kojima to have Reedus’ character walking around in the nude in a game trailer, unprecedented by typical industry standards.

Sony is likely going all out if the rumor is true, spending the big bucks on two major Hollywood names for this one. It wouldn’t be the first time, as Sony experimented with the idea previously with Beyond Two Souls. It wasn’t too long ago that Beyond Two Souls utilized Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, both likeness and voice talent.

Kojima was ‘Stoned’ by Emma’s Eyes:

Celebrity Industry Game Changers

Norman Reedus being the frontman for the game may be a sign of a change of guard in the game industry where celebrity talent take leading roles. If Emma Stone is indeed signed for the project not only is Sony taking another step into this new celeb-themed gaming frontier, competition/shareholders alike will be watching closely to see how sales are effected. It’s classical celebrity endorsement promotion taken to the next level.

Hideo Kojima – Emma Stone Twitter Hints at Potential Death Stranding Connection

Kojima Expresses he’d watch Stone’s La La Land at least 10 Times

Kojima’s #1 movie of the year is Stone’s La La Land, and he’s seen 140 movies in 2016

Now maybe this all ends up being a convincing photoshop. However, there’s so much fuel to this fire the rumor is most likely true. We’re looking potentially a superstar cast of Norman Reedus and Emma Stone in the PS4’s upcoming Death Stranding. A true Hollywood blockbuster right to your home.

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