Dwight broke away from Negan and The Saviors on The Walking Dead

Dwight - The Walking Dead episode 715, AMC
Dwight - The Walking Dead episode 715, AMC /

Dwight could be the key to winning the war against Negan on The Walking Dead if the survivors can look past what he’s done and who he’s killed.

Poor Dwight. Dwight’s done some pretty terrible things on The Walking Dead.  But he’s paid a heavy price too. After the first time he tried to run away from Negan with Sherry and Tina he suffered terribly.

Tina died. Sherry married Negan so that Dwight wouldn’t be killed. But Dwight still had to be punished so he got Negan’s punishment of choice the iron to the face. He had to see Sherry with Negan every day and try to prove his loyalty to Negan again.

So in the process of trying to regain Negan’s good graces he killed Denise. He shot Daryl. Then he kidnapped Glenn, Daryl, and Michonne. And he fed Daryl dog food. He’s committed a laundry list of offenses against the survivors at Alexandria.

But Dwight’s allegiance to Negan was never real. He wanted to leave The Sanctuary before and went to great lengths to try to get away with Sherry and Tina. After he and Sherry were captured he stayed at The Sanctuary to be near Sherry even though she married Negan. Now that Sherry’s gone and probably dead he has finally broken with Negan for good. Can the survivors forgive him and welcome him into the group? Should they?

Why Dwight Is An Asset

Even though it will be very difficult for Tara and Daryl to have Dwight around they should accept Dwight into the group. Like Maggie said at The Hilltop winning is the most important thing right now.

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Dwight has a lot of very important information they can use to beat Negan. He knows Negan very well. And Dwight knows  The Sanctuary inside and out. He knows how many fighters Negan has and what his strategy is. That makes Dwight a huge asset. This war is going to last longer than one or two battles. The survivors will need Dwight if they are going to win the war and get rid of Negan for good.

It will be difficult for the survivors to swallow their hatred of Dwight at first. But they’ve done it before when it was necessary. When Merle fled Woodbury with Daryl no one wanted him at the prison but they accepted him and Merle turned out to be a big asset too. He saved Michonne and almost took out The Governor, giving up his own life in the process.

No one’s hands are clean in The Walking Dead world. Everyone has done things to survive that are morally questionable. If winning is the ultimate goal then Rick needs to convince Tara and Daryl to deal with their hatred of Dwight and tolerate him for the time being.

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Good fighters, especially good fighters with inside information about Negan and The Sanctuary, are in short supply. Rick needs every one he can get.