Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead season 7 finale

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Who will be the guests who join Chris Hardwick on the couch to discuss the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead on April 2, 2017?

Once again, fans will need to be patient after tuning in for the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead to see the discussion on Talking Dead since Into The Badlands will air between the two programs on AMC.

However. since this is the season 7 finale of the zombie survival drama and 2 of the guests are massive fan favorites, there is a high likelihood that many individuals will be tuning in for their weekly dose of undead therapy.

Here is the list of announced guests for the April 2, 2017 edition of Talking Dead as stated at the end of last week’s episode:

Scott M. Gimple

The showrunner for The Walking Dead is one of the best guests that can be on Talking Dead. Not only does he have insight into the filming of scenes and the development of creating them, but he can speculate in fun ways about what the future holds for Rick Grimes and the other survivors on the program.

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Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon is the fan favorite on The Walking Dead. His tough nature, reactionary methods, and killer instinct have made him the top draw of the show for many seasons. He will also be promoting his upcoming game Death Stranding as well as season 2 of Ride With Norman Reedus on AMC.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Since joining The Walking Dead, JDM has taken the fanbase by storm. While people are supposed to hate Negan, the charm brought to life by Morgan has instead grown him a massive following that should only continue to grow as the character develops. Of course, Negan is the main focus of the finale, as the survivors are looking to take him down for good.

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Last week, Chris Hardwick teased that others may show up for the program, but nothing has been confirmed. For now, this stellar group of guests will be expected to be on the couch of Talking Dead on April 2, 2017 for the season 7 finale after a new episode of Into The Badlands.