The Walking Dead season 7 finale sneak peek video: Negan and Sasha

Sasha. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Sasha. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Negan has a little talk with Sasha and brings her breakfast in this new clip from The Walking Dead season 7 finale from Entertainment Weekly.

The season 7 finale of The Walking Dead is upon us and thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we can see a sneak peek exclusive video of a scene from the 90-minute episode.

In this scene, Negan uses some of his sweet talk and goes into protection mode with Sasha letting her know he doesn’t want to see her die. He compliments her and brings her a breakfast plate of pancakes that shows he knows that presentation is important. (Note: It IS Negan so the clip includes Negan-like language!)

Check out the sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly:

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Negan carefully lays out the situation. He wants to get things “back on track”.  We see how Sasha responds in the mini-cliffhanger where the sneak peek cuts off.

The breakfast is also a fun callback to Abraham. Even though Sasha may be unaware of Abraham’s line about pancakes, the audience is keenly aware of the Bisquick.

What do you think Negan has planned for Sasha? Do you have any predictions for the finale? Be sure to check out our other sneak peeks, our predictions and other coverage of The Walking Dead on Undead Walking.

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