Creepy N Cute makes dolls of The Walking Dead cast

Dwight doll from Creepy N Cute.
Dwight doll from Creepy N Cute. /

The gals from Creepy N Cute make unique handmade zombie dolls and even dolls made in the likeness of characters from The Walking Dead.

Piper Shano and Doreen Defauw are the ladies behind the Detroit based internet zombie doll shop known as Creepy N Cute!

The ladies started designing dolls in 2013 and their business has grown into the Etsy shop we see today that boasts 53 dolls and 83-5 star reviews!

The ladies also take their show on the road to various conventions, and comic-cons where the fans of The Walking Dead can be found wandering the aisles of huge venues meeting other fans, buying memorabilia and meeting the stars of the show.

The girls have given over 60 dolls as gifts to their celebrity counterparts. They also participate in numerous charity events every year.

Let’s take a look at some of the stars of The Walking Dead with Piper and Doreen and their Creepy N Cute dolls created just for them!

Melissa McBride. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Khary Payton. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Greg Nicotero. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Lennie James. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Danai Gurira. Piper Shano. Doreen Defauw.

Piper said that many fans get the celebrity dolls and then have them signed by the stars when they meet them at the conventions! You can find all of the great dolls they have created on their Etsy shop. They even take requests for custom orders.

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Who would you like to have as a Creepy N Cute doll? A character from The Walking Dead? Maybe the little girl zombie from the first episode? Or maybe one patterned after yourself!

Follow the latest adventures of the Creepy N Cute gals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may find them at a comic con or Walker Stalker convention near you!