Sasha’s death on The Walking Dead changed from the comic counterpart

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in Episode 16Photo by Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in Episode 16Photo by Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead was put in a sticky situation when putting together Sasha’s death for the season 7 finale thanks to the comics and Fear The Walking Dead.

One of the most heartbreaking moments from the season 7 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead was when it was revealed that Sasha took the suicide pill given to her by Eugene in order to become a walker.

The scene where Sasha’s fate is revealed is similar to the death that Holly received during that time in the comic book series, but the hit AMC zombie drama was forced to change things up for a couple of great reasons.

In the comic book series, Holly is a walker when being brought to Alexandria. However, she had a bag on her head and was used as a ‘show of good faith’ in order to have a conversation with Rick. However, the big reveal results in Holly biting Denise in the arm before Rick shoots her in the head.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Episode 5 Photo by Peter Iovino/AMC
Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Episode 5Photo by Peter Iovino/AMC /

If that sounds familiar, it is because it already happened on AMC. In fact, Fear The Walking Dead used this plot in season 2 episode 5 titled ‘Captive’. During an exchange between the pirates and the people of Abigail. Reed was taken by the people of the yacht as a walker with a bag on his head where he bit Connor in the big reveal.

The showrunner for AMC’s flagship program, Scott M. Gimple, was aware of the situation on the companion series and knew some changes had to be made. However, it appears as though alterations were going to happen anyway according to an interview on Entertainment Weekly.

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"“[The Fear episode] sort of took it off the table, but I don’t know if so much of what was happening in that moment was changing anyways. So much of it was predicated on Negan using Sasha as leverage. In the book, Holly is basically an ambush. And on Fear, it was something out of desperation — didn’t have a choice but to do it that way. But the story was about Sasha getting the final word.”"

Sasha’s death did have a very different feel from both Holly’s and Reed’s. While it was a suicide instead of a murder, it gave some more power to her actions. Plus, it fit in well with the Eugene storyline.

"“And I will say, that all that stuff is floating around in our head about how that’s going to change. We knew we had this Eugene story that was independently predicated on poisoning Negan. And all this stuff was flowing together.”"

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What did you think of the deaths of Sasha, Holly, and Reed? How did these three big death reveals, while similar, feel different? And which one did you prefer? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.