The Walking Dead’s Corey Hawkins is nominated for a Tony Award

Heath - The Walking Dead, AMC
Heath - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Heath has been MIA on The Walking Dead for a bit, but the actor who plays him was just nominated for a Tony award for Best Leading Actor for the play Six Degrees of Separation.

The last time The Walking Dead fans saw Heath he was leaving Tara on her own as the two fought off walkers on the pier. Tara ended up at Oceanside but it was never clear what happened to Heath.

Meanwhile the actor who plays him on the show has been incredibly busy racking up awards and new projects. He starred in Kong: Skull Island on the big screen. He also played a lead role in the Fox reboot of 24 called 24: Legacy.

Now he’s being honored for his work on Broadway as the lead actor in Six Degrees of Separation with a Tony award nomination. Even though he only appeared in the play for a limited run his performance was praised by critics. The awards committee agreed with the critics and gave him a nod for Best Leading Actor in a Play.

Heath never really got the character development he deserved. So it’s great to see Corey Hawkins getting the chance to play stronger roles and really show off his talent. Congratulations to Corey on such a huge achievement.

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Will Heath Ever Be Back?

Heath was only in a few scenes in one episode in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. And he wasn’t around much in season 6 either. But he did participate in the slaughter at The Saviors outpost, where both he and Glenn expressed their doubts about taking lives in cold blood.

When Heath last appeared with Tara they were on a run. They had left directly from the slaughter at the outpost to go scavenging. So neither one knew about Glenn and Abe’s deaths or any of the things that went down after the slaughter.

But even without knowing the hefty consequences for the murders at the outpost Heath was troubled by what they had done. Even if he and Tara had not gotten separated there’s a chance he would have not wanted to return to Alexandria.

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It was never made clear if Heath died or escaped the herd on the pier and ran off. But that leaves the door open for Heath to return at a later point. Heath was never really developed as a character so hopefully Heath will re-enter the story of The Walking Dead at some point. It would be a shame if his storyline was just left hanging.