5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for May 6, 2017

Negan and Spencer - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan and Spencer - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Beta and Alpha, The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound
Beta and Alpha, The Walking Dead – Image Comics and Skybound /

#5: Who should play upcoming big bads?

Gareth Eardley on Facebook: “Who would be great actors to play Alpha and Beta?”

Fans of The Walking Dead television show on AMC who aren’t at all familiar with the comic book series from Image and Skybound are probably looking at this question and thinking that it looks like a bunch of gibberish.

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Those who don’t want to know about the upcoming events on the show may want to stop reading this RIGHT NOW, however, many people are likely wondering how the zombie drama TV program will cast the roles of Alpha and Beta.

Of course, we’re talking about The Whisperers. These villains wear the faces of defeated walkers and walk amongst the dead. For Alpha, the character would have to command a scene in a big way and Beta needs to be hugely intimidating physically.

For Alpha, I really love the idea of Lily Rabe. She’s fantastic on American Horror Story and can command a scene to create the leadership qualities needed to play her. On the other hand, Beta needs to be someone tall with broad shoulders, like a former or current professional wrestler. I like the idea or someone like Dave Bautista or Kevin Nash.

However, The Walking Dead always does a great job casting, so I have full faith in them making the right decisions when it comes to bringing these characters to life.

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