Shane voted by fans as best The Walking Dead villain of all time

Shane Walsh - The Walking Dead, AMC
Shane Walsh - The Walking Dead, AMC /

In a surprising fan vote, fans of The Walking Dead crowed Shane Walsh the best villain ever to appear on the hit AMC zombie survival drama series.

The Walking Dead has seen many amazing villains grace the small screen during the hit AMC zombie show. Over the course of 7 seasons, Rick and his group of survivors have overcome them all, but there have been many losses along the way.

Fans lost numerous fan favorites at the hands of massive villains like The Governor, Negan, or even Dawn Lerner. But when it came time for fans to decide who the best bad guy in the history of the show, none of them made the cut.

In fact, in surprising fashion it was Shane Walsh, the former police partner of Rick Grimes during the first two seasons, who came out on top during the fan vote to determine the best villain of all time on The Walking Dead’s official Skybound website.

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In the 16 person bracket, Shane defeated Officer Gorman from Grady Memorial Hospital, Jadis of The Scavengers, Negan, and The Governor to earn the victory, which is an impressive group of individuals to overcome.

In the past, Jon Bernthal, the actor who plays Shane Walsh, spoke with Starcasm about whether or not he considers his character to be a villain on The Walking Dead.

"“I think that one of the really cool things about the show was that there were not going to be good guys and bad guys, no ‘heroes and villains. We were really trying to make this as authentic and real a piece as we could. And I think what’s so important for that is to have characters that are always trying to do what they think is right all the time.”"

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What do you think about Shane being crowned the best villain in the history of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Does he deserve that honor or should a different character have won the honor? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.