Christian Serratos of The Walking Dead shares the first baby photo

The Walking Dead; AMC; ChristianSerratos as Rosita Espinosa
The Walking Dead; AMC; ChristianSerratos as Rosita Espinosa /

The Walking Dead family has a new member. On Mother’s Day Christian Serratos, who played Rosita, shared the first photo her new baby on Instagram.

The Walking Dead family’s newest addition has been revealed. New mom Christian Serratos shared the first photo of her baby on Mother’s Day. The baby is her first with boyfriend David Boyd. No other information was given about the baby except it’s initial, W.

In season 7 of The Walking Dead her character, Rosita Espinosa, struggled a lot. She had a pretty rough time dealing with the death of Abraham. Rosita was acting out and alienating the other survivors. She even got Olivia killed by trying to kill Negan with a bullet that Eugene made. She also was responsible for Negan taking Eugene to The Sanctuary. Negan took Eugene after it was revealed he made the bullet.

Rosita’s single minded focus on revenge and her insistence on carrying out her own plans put her at odds in the group. She enlisted Sasha to help her kill Negan. But at The Sanctuary Sasha went on a suicide mission alone. She left Rosita outside the gate of Sanctuary. There Rosita encountered Dwight and brought him back to Alexandria. Dwight now could be one of their biggest assets.

Rosita was one of the odds on favorites to die by the send of season 7 because she was spiraling out of control . But Rosita lived through the end of the season. She will be joining the survivors as they head to war with The Saviors.

A Happy End To A Bleak Season

Christian kept her pregnancy under wraps until almost the end of The Walking Dead’s seventh season. It wasn’t until late March that she revealed the pregnancy. The photo posted on Serratos’ Instagram today was the first reveal of the baby’s birth.

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As The Walking Dead fans wait anxiously for season 8 to start in October it’s nice to have something to celebrate. Season 7 was a very bleak season. Losing Glenn, Abe and Sasha was difficult for fans.  All of The Walking Dead family and all of us at Undead Walking wish Christian, David and little W the best and congratulations to Christian on her first Mother’s Day.